Breaking news: Creator doing best work of his career!

Seriously, can we declare a moratorium on the use of the hype phrase “He’s doing the best work of his career here” by editors, writers, publishers, etc in promotional interviews. In this case it is Mark Millar talking about Steve McNiven and their new Marvel project, NEMESIS. But after you’ve read “Spike’s work on Final […]

21 days of Halloween: Rick Parker and the Pekar Project

Here’s a nice Halloween exclusive, courtesy of The Pekar Project Pekar Project artist Rick Parker, fresh off drawing Tales from the Crypt: Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid, series “Deaditor” Jeff Newelt and Dr. Harvey Pekar concocted this Halloween treat featuring the Pekar Project artists and other frequent Pekar collaborators and subjects. Click for larger […]

Events of the Week: Crumb/Mouly in Virginia

When R. Crumb does a book tour, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thus, his appearance Tuesday with Françoise Mouly in Richmond, VA has gotten lots of online coverage. Here’s Harry Kollatz Jr. at Last night, R. Crumb entered with a pratfall that seemed to surprise the University of Richmond’s director of museums, Richard Waller. Waving […]

Events of the week: MarvelFest NYC 2009

Wednesday past saw MarvelFest NYC 2009 unfold at NYC’s Union Square, traditionally one of the most traversed public spaces of the city. A cold, gloomy rain dried up just in time to make for a cold, brisk night that was just the right mood for a pre-Halloween costume contest. CBR’s Josh Wigler has a report […]

Anthony Hopkins is going as Odin for Halloween!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins has signed up as Odin, all-father and dad of the the hero in the Thor movie now underway.

21 Days of Halloween: Seth

The NY Times teams up Lizzy Ratner and Seth for some haunting views: Even in this cheek-by-jowl town, the realm of other people’s apartments remains resolutely mysterious. Sure, New Yorkers share walls, overhear fights, inhale the sweet-spiced victories (and, all too often, failures) of sundry kitchen experiments. But the odd, unholy secrets of our neighbors’ […]

King Con panels, guests announced

New York’s long schedule of comics conventions has its penultimate outing next weekend November 7-8, with Brooklyn’s King Con. The panel and guest lineup has been announced¸ including Al Jaffee, Harvey Pekar, Peter Kuper, Jonathan Ames, Cliff Chiang, and more. It’s worth the trip just to listen to Al Jaffee.

Marvel on the iPhone

Kinda speaks for itself.The old order changeth,

21 Days of Halloween: Jill Thompson

Or at least her Twitter stream.

To do tonight: Crumb at UCLA

Robert Crumb continues his short tour of the states to talk about his adaptation of GENESIS with an appearance at UCLA tonight, where he’ll be joined by Françoise Mouly. Tickets are $60, unless you’re a UCLA student, in which case they’re a bargain at $18. UCLA’s great Hammer Museum also just opened an exhibition called […]

Tonight To Do: ACT-I-VATE Salon

Salman rushing to comics?

ICv2 has a full report on an appearance by internationally acclaimed author Salman Rushdie (shown above with his ex, Padma Lakshmi) proclaiming his interest in writing a graphic novel on the Craig Ferguson Show. Rushdie answered, “Yeah, and actually I got asked recently if I’d like to write a graphic novel. I was kind of […]

Marie Severin enjoys ice cream

Not much of a headline, really, but Scott Edelman posts of a visit to the Marvel legend with fellow Bullpenner Irene Vartanoff. It’s always great to see this inspiring lady.

21 Days of Halloween: Richard Thompson

Today’s artwork is by the amazing Richard Thompson, author of the wonderful strip Cul de Sac. Click for a larger version. We’ll be having a Halloween blowout over the next few days as we catch up with all the wonderful submissions to stay in the spirit of the season. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teen nominations

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has their nominations for their annual great Graphic Novels for Teen list up. The list of recommended graphic novels and illustrated nonfiction for those ages 12-18 is prepared yearly. A shorter list of recommended titles will be made later in the year, with a Top Ten list released later […]

Comics Journal to beef up online presence

Starting with a letter to subscribers which Tom Spurgeon unveiled, today’s it’s being announced that The Comics Journal, which is about to release its gala 300th print edition, is going to change its presentation drastically, with fewer, bigger biannual print editions and an increased online component. Dirk Deppey, has more: The expanded, full-service will […]