24 Hours of Halloween: Jean Arrow

Newcomer Jean Arrow writes to introduce herself: I am an up and coming comic book artist, currently working on my first comic book that I am going to debut at the Phoenix Comic Con in 2010. I am also currently mentoring under Steve Rude. You can see more of my art work at jeanarrow.deviantart.com.

More on Marvel on iPhone

A stunned world woke up to the news that now you can read Marvel Comics on your iPhone, via the four platforms best known for their comics offerings: Comixology, iVerse, Panelfly and Scrollmotion. A story on Marvel.com talks to EVP, Marvel Digital Media Ira Rubenstien. Marvel digital comics availability on the iPhone Apps system joins […]

Silence of the WUMBs

It seems that the Wizard Universe Message Board, home to seditious postings on bad customer service, personnel changes, joyless conventions and other, hoi polloi, topics, has been shut down, part of a total reworking of the Wizard Universe family of sites. Ex-Wizardeer Sean T. Collins has more: The board was launched in 2006, at the […]