Nick acquires Turtles for $60 million

Another giant IP deal unfolded yesterday, as Viacom/Paramount/Nickelodeon acquired the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for $60 million. Created in 1984 by two New England indie cartoonists, the Turtles have gone on to be an enduring kids brand, with movies, cartoons, cereals, toys and probably something everyone who was a kid in the […]

Crumb’s GENESIS makes waves and appearances

You’re one of the world’s most revered but reclusive cartoonists and you’ve just put out a book that confronts the biggest human enterprise of all: religion. So how to do you promote your book tour? If you’re R. Crumb, hardly at all, as this statement at his website shows: Robert, in accordance with his agreement […]

More to do today: Greensboro, Chicago and Philly

There’s some good parties being thrown down East of the Mississippi today … Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC is hosting an all-day signing party featuring a cavalcade of kids-friendly comics creators, including Chris Giarrusso (G-MAN, MINI-MARVELS), writer Gregg Schigel and artist Jacob Chabot (X-BABIES), Art Baltazar (PATRICK THE WOLF BOY, TINY TITANS), and Brian Smith […]

Vertigo Crime Line advertises on BBC America

Remember how for years and years everyone said “If we could only advertise comic books on TV, everything would be solved!” Well, as announced on Vertigo’s Graphic Content blog, Vertigo is doing just that with a TV spot for their initial Crime Line releases that is currently running on BBC America. You can view the […]

The Missing Post Caper

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m blogging from a remote locale, and unfortunately in all the travel tumult yesterday, some posts that were “under construction” were mistakenly posted. I took them down to finish them up and they’ll go up later today. No conspiracies, no pressure groups. Sorry for all the confusion, and I’ll try not […]