Happy 70th Birthday, Harvey Pekar

Pekar, one of comics’ true originals, one of its most important writers, and an icon of the small press, reaches his 70th year this day. To celebrate, his new webcomic, The Pekar Project, is running 70+ portraits of the master by a diverse array of artists. Click on the link for the whole show, but […]


Archie! You SH*T!!! Since the world first found out Archie was getting married, fans everywhere hoped Betty would be the bride. But those fans discovered quickly Archie Andrews chose Veronica Lodge over Betty Cooper and they were angry! They felt Archie had made the wrong choice, and they are very vocal about it! On television, […]

Behind the BOOM!/Haven 2nd printing deal

Earlier this week it was announced that BOOM! Studios had signed a deal with Haven Distributors to distribute BOOM!’s second printing comics. BOOM! is the LA-based publisher of both original and licensed comics, and they have recently had several critical and sales success, including books based on Pixar, Disney, Fox, and literary sources, such as […]

Wimpy Kid #4 printing hits 4 million; Jeff Kinney on tour

Via PR, the news that Wimpy Kid is really, really big, with a four million copy initial release for the next volume in the series. Author Jeff Kinney will also be on tour on the West Coast (dates in the jump) and be making many media appearances. Although whether the text-heavy Wimpy Kid series counts […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 10/8/09

§ Don MacPherson explains how Rich Koslowski won a copyright infringement case: When it comes to stories about comic-book copyright infringement, one usually imagines Marvel Entertainment or DC Comics cracking down on unauthorized use of iconic super-hero characters. But in a Toronto court recently, an independent comics creator and self-publisher took on another small businessman. […]

Death of salesmen

Hopefully we won’t be posting too much any more about the whole FTC guidelines for bloggers things, but here’s a story from Business Week that explains the amount of money changing hands at times, and turns out it’s a lot more than a measly $4 comic book: More than 75,000 people follow Jason “Shoe Money” […]