Huge news: Kodansha arrives!

The wait is over as Calvin Reid  finally confirms Kodansha’s entry into the US Market: After years of speculation about its plans, Kodansha, the largest publisher in Japan and a prolific manga licensor to U.S. publishers, is establishing an office in New York City to publish and sell manga directly in the U.S. market beginning […]

Two very odd articles

A few months ago Comic Book Bin’s Hervé St-Louis declared that copyrights were for wussies and part of an evil cabal called The Cult of The Creator, something he promised to expose more fully in the future. Now, bear in mind, if there is a Cult of the Creator, then we have signed on for […]

Diva Lea’s 24 Hour Comics Day comic

To make up for totally flubbing coverage of 24 Hour Comics Book Day one of the two holidays on the comics calendar, (the other being Free Comic Book Day), we’ll link to some of the results, starting with Lea Hernandez. Plus: Process here.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 10/5/09

§ Johnny Bacardi pens an elegy to the way ahead of its time THRILLER by Robert Loren Fleming and Trevor von Eeden. . A panel floats above. § Although everyone is tired of SPX reports, this one seems to have drawn out lots of larger picture thinking, or at least it did on Comics Comics. […]