Happy Birthday, Twilight Zone

According to an article in the Sunday New York Times, The Twilight Zone turned 50 years old last Friday. It’s easy to mention “To Serve Man” or “Time Enough at Last” as your favorite episodes, but what are your favorite “hidden gems?” Here are a few of mine: – “Long Live Walter Jameson” – Just […]

To boldly go where no toaster oven has gone before….

It might not be new (since the Star Trek movie reboot has been out for a few months now) but there was no way after seeing these in the grocery store tonight that there was not going to be a post on THE BEAT about them. I mean. Seriously. Star Trek Eggos.

Crisis at BICS; LBCC smooth sails

Rich Johnston has helpfully rounded up Twitter news of the weekend’s three conventions — BICS in Birmingham, UK; Mid-Ohio Con in…Mid-Ohio, aka Columbus, OH; and Long Beach Comic-Con in Cali–in a post he calledA Tale of Three Twitties(can we say we’re JEALOUS!!!!!) but it was this one which caught our eye: Paul Cornell: Stayed out […]