DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: August 2009

by Marc-Oliver Frisch August was another fairly strong month for DC Comics’ periodical output, mainly thanks to the continued success of the Green Lantern and Batman franchises. With Blackest Night #2, Batman and Robin #3, Green Lantern #45 and Blackest Night: Batman #1, the publisher again managed to place four of its DC Universe titles […]

Paul Pope’s DUNE

Holy Frak! Paul Pope does DUNE Wednesday Comics style. YOU CRAZY KID YOU. We loves it. Colors by Lovern Kindzierski. See the whole page in the link. I find that with the format of Wednesday Comics (which is really the traditional Sunday Comics page), one must condense the plot and action to the briefest yet […]

Driven By Lemons on the iPhone

Josh Cotter’s insane, experimental, fantastic Driven By Lemons was one of the hits of SPX — a sketchbook journal of art that somehow coheres into a narrative. As print as they come, right? But, believe it or don’t, Comixology has a free preview available for iPhone. CHECK IT OUT. Mind-boggling.

This weekend: Long Beach Comic-Con

For West Coasters, the premiere event this weekend is the new Long Beach Comic-Con, running today through Sunday at the Long Beach Convention Center. Although a new show on the scene, it’s run by a veteran crew led by Martha Donato, and features a stellar guest list led by Stan Lee, Jim Lee and Berkeley […]

This weekend: Mid-Ohio Con

Now freed from competition with turkey and stuffing, Mid-Ohio Con kicks off Saturday and Sunday, October 3–4, in Exhibit Hall E of the Greater Columbus Convention Center, 400 North High Street, Columbus, OH. Guests include special guests Mike Golden and Bernie Wrightson, as well as Mark Evanier, Marv Wolfman, Chris Giarrusso, Tony Isabella, David Mack […]

SPX: Women with beards

R U sick of SPX reports? How can you be when they are so full of “laughing and loving” (as Dustin Harbin put it) and comics and joy and happiness? Seriously, is there any other show that gets this level of treasured memories and cute goings on? AND DID WE MENTION GREAT COMICS? If you […]

To do: Make to do list

Wow, there is so much GOING ON. Our to do list, dutifully compiled by our Down Under associate, Aaron Humphrey, seems to be barely scratching the surface. There are so many conventions, signings, tours, appearances and panels going on we can’t keep track. It seems like with the summer completely engulfed by the San Diego […]