Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: August 2009

by Paul O’Brien Marvel’s big project for August was the relaunch of the Ultimate imprint, with the first issues of the unwieldily titled ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS and ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN both reaching stores. There’s also the first issue of the MARVELS PROJECT miniseries, and the “Utopia” crossover between UNCANNY X-MEN and DARK AVENGERS. Plus, the […]

To Do: October 1 – October 4

The first few days of October are sort of a time of transition from SPX to Mid-Ohio-Con and the Long Beach Comic Con, with lots of cartoonists on the road, either migrating from Bethesda or to one of the bigger cons. As usual, there’s plenty going on that’s worth your time. Check it out, and […]

RIP Rusty Haller

Various sources are reporting the death of artist Rusty Haller this week, from this sad thread where his roommate reports finding his body. From what I can gather, he was in his mid forties. Haller worked mostly in licensed comics (his work can be seen here) but had most recently been working on his own […]

AIEEEE! It is said the tablet cometh!

Gizmodo rounds up the latest evidence on whether Apple is actually developing a “tablet” and digs up a pretty compelling case that not only is it underway, but Apple is actively seeking to get print ported over to the device: Two people related to the NYTimes have separately told me that in June, paper was […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 10/1/09

§ We’re totally not into reading Twitter all day and reposting what comics pros say, but we liked this from Brian Bendis: A couple of people on the plane reading comics!! They’re not just for kids any more! § Speaking of Twitter, Glen Weldon at NPR investigates the phenomenon of HOBODARKSEID and his epic pronouncements: […]

Marc Bell on Tour

10/17-18 APE San Francisco, CA 10/19, 7-10pm Lucky’s Vancouver, BC 10/21, 8-10pm Family Los Angeles, CA 10/25, 5-7pm Desert Island Brooklyn, NY 11/20, 7-9pm Magic Pony Toronto, ON 11/27, 7-9pm Librairie D+Q Bookstore Montreal, QC

Keith Knight is controversial yet again

[We didn’t have time to write a post about the Keith Knight controversy yesterday, but Torsten Adair took time out of his commenting/work schedule to write one for us.] WYTV in Youngstown, Ohio, reportsthat students at Slippery Rock University, located in western Pennsylvania, are upset about a recent “K Chronicles” cartoon written and drawn by […]