More on KingCon

We alluded a few weeks ago to KingCon, yet another new convention on the schedule, this one spotlighting BROOKLYN. The announced dates are November 7-8 and the venue is the Brooklyn Lyceum. According to a new press release, organizers hope to spotlight comics, animation, and so on. Held barely a month after the Big Apple […]

Meanwhile at NYAF…Attendance up 16 percent

We’re hearing that the New York Anime Fest was a big hit. Lance Fensterman, who runs the show, reports: Saturday was by far the most insanely busy day in the history of the New York Anime Fest. Unbelievable numbers of people. But even with the crowds, we managed to count them all and this year’s […]

SPX quick links

We’re too tuckered out for a long post for now, but here are a few tidbits to tide you over: § Some photos by Scott Edelman and his con report. § Johanna Draper Carlson’s con report. § Tom Neely nicely captured the culture clash between a fancy ministry charity on Saturday and a beauty pageant […]