Crumb. Sodom. What are you waiting for?

Boing Boing has an exclusive excerpt of Crumb’s GENESIS, out this week, and you know they chose Chapter 19, the one where Lot has unexpected houseguests. Good times.

To Do: September 21 – 27

SPX! New York Anime Fest! Chuckfest! It’s a busy week, with lots of creators on tour, and some must-attend events, whatever part of the country you live in. Check it out: Tuesday, September 22 Fairfax, VA, 3 PM – Adam Besenyodi at Fall for the Book Festival Author Adam Besenyodi will discuss his new book […]

Kirby family files for copyright reassignment

ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE. Last week, Jack Kirby’s four children filed notices of copyright termination for 45 characters . The LA Times has details. This is the same legal maneuver that the Siegel family employed to get back their half of the Superman copyright. Notices were sent to Marvel, Disney, Sony Pictures, 20th Century […]

RIP Yoshito Usui

Very sad news out of Japan as the body of manga-ka Yoshito Usui was found over the weekend. Usui, 51, had left the house on September 11th, telling his family he was going hiking on Mt. Arafune. When he did not return by nightfall, his wife alerted the police. Over the past weekend a body […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 9/21/09

§ Morning must-read: Over the weekend, Maltdown Comics in LA had a huge manga sale — 2000 titles on sale at $1 each — and Deb Aoki asks owner Gaston Dominguez-Letelier about the state of manga in his shop. The overage is the result of unwise buying early on, he says; manga still sells, but […]

Lynda Barry sneak peek

The D&Q blog hosts a very early look at Picture This!, Lynda Barry’s next book. More in the link.

Archie And Dark Horse…what th–???

What’s this now??? It’s can’t be! More turmoil! NO! Just the announcement that Dark Horse and Archie are teaming up to publish the Archie Archives. The Archie Archives will consist of hardcover volumes, in Dark Horse’s archive format, featuring Archie Comics mainstay characters of “Archie”,  “Betty”, “Jughead”, “Veronica” and the other characters in the Riverdale Universe.  […]

Windy CIty report

We got this open letter from Patrick Brower of Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, and it’s a little hypeish, but it sounds like this weekend’s Windy City Con was a fun, successful event, so let’s share in the good feeling, shall we? (Pictures here.) Windy City ComiConQUERED An open letter to Chris Neseman, Brion […]

Turmoil at Disney

Well, it looks like the Mouse is in a mood for changes. as studio head Dick Cook made an abrupt departure on Friday. The move — dictated by Disney CEO Bob Iger — comes after a disappointing 2009 for Disney: combative hamsters (G-FORCE) and The Rock in a kiddie move remake (RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN) […]

It’s all about trying

We like to think that this school band performance of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss in many ways exemplifies the themes of the film it is most associated with, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Or if not the themes of Stanley Kubrick, then at least of Arthur C. Clarke. For human beings must strive, must […]

Let’s all celebrate Benjamin Linus

Congratulations to Michael Emerson, for his Emmy win tonight, for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. You can keep your Don Draper. I’ll take Benjamin Linus as the best character currently on series television. How long ’til Lost starts again?