Weekend reading roundup

So behind in link-blogging, but here’s a ton of stuff to keep you going. § How could we have missed the ‘Lord of the Rings’ lawsuit ending? Christopher Tolkien — amazingly still alive after decades poring through his dad’s papers — issued a statement and all the squabbling over the money from the New Line […]

Dorkin/Thompson BEASTS OF BURDEN tour

Crumb’s GENESIS. ASTERIOS POLYP. Joe Sacco’s NOTES FROM GAZA. The ALEC collection. 2009 has seen more than its share of graphic novels that change how we look at the medium. But none of those books is a beautiful painted miniseries about a kitty and some puppies that fight supernatural menaces. No, that book is BEASTS […]

Will TAMARA DREWE be THE comic-book movie of 2010?

We haven’t given nearly enough coverage to Stephen Frears’movie adaptation of Posy Simmonds‘ brilliant Tamara Drewe graphic novel, but this is probably the most lit/comix-approved movie since GHOST WORLD. Variety reports that the movie has been picked up for US distribution by Sony after a modest bidding war. The title role will be played by […]

NYAF and NYCC to move in together

The PR calls it “co-locate”, which is a fancy new corporate term for holding two events at the same time and place. Anyway, in a move that most people figured was coming, after this year, New York Anime Fest and New York Comic-Con will merge. If you read our interview with show runner Lance Fensterman […]