Disney’s Twisted Princesses imagined — CORRECTED

We know that you are all tired of Disney Marvel mash-ups, but Is Animator Jeffrey Thomas’s Twisted Princess portfolio close to how Marvel might handle classic princess characters? NOTE: We really screwed up when we first posted this. We picked it up from another blog that called it how Marvel would handle Disney Princesses, but […]

Adventures In The Dragon’s Lair: A Report From Dragon Con 2009 In Atlanta

By Steve Bunche As a dyed-in-the wool comics fan I have wanted to attend the senses-pummeling annual San Diego Comic-con. As a fan, think about it: shitloads of comic books everywhere, movie and TV celebs who’ll be signing autographs, comics creators from all over the globe, and a myriad of fun and geekish possibilities, all […]

Ant-Man? Edgar Wright? Pixar?

Splash Page catches up with director Edgar Wright to suss out rumors of Pixar-related interest in his ANT-MAN movie.: “The news that Pixar is involved [with ‘Ant-Man’] is not wholly accurate and a little premature to comment on,” Wright said. “I love Pixar’s work more than anyone and indeed would love to collaborate with them. […]

New Yorker flubs nerd humor drawing test

Via this week’s issue. As correspondent Jamie T. points out “While I suspect Lee Lorenz believes he has drawn Iron man, doesn’t his armoured gent more closely resemble ROM: Spaceknight? Is he a closet Bill Mantlo fan?”

Meet Diane Nelson! – UPDATE

UPDATE: This interview with Nelson by Sharon Waxman at The Wrap addresses a few of those pressing issues and establishes that Nelson is not a comics fan “by nature.” So: a girl running a comic book operation? Isn’t this a young, male-centric market?I prefer to be known as an executive rather than a girl. It’s […]

Levitz leaves ‘One of the Best Jobs on the Planet’

As this week’s DC bombshell sent ripples throughout the Multiverse, most people were taking time to talk about the contributions of Paul Levitz to the comics — as a medium and as an industry, Levitz’s handiwork has created or nurtured much of the infrastructure we live with daily. It’s a huge legacy. A few reactions. […]

Dragon*Con — a nagging question

Letters, we get letters. Chris T. asks us: Hello Heidi, I was wondering if you might address this in your blog.  I have seen all of the pictures of the cosplay at DragonCon and the stars at the panels, but I never hear anything about the Dealers.  How were sales for things at Dragon Con.  […]

SALES: PictureBox, Fantagraphics

We got a big email from Dan Nadel at Picturebox with announcement of a sale — including some fun sets — and immanent new books, like POWR MASTRS 3, above. If you’re looking for adventure, this is the right place . Fantagraphics is having a sale at Fantagraphics Books their brick and mortar: What, me […]

TCB: STRANGE TALES #1 sells out

We don’t run every press release we get, but once in a while one tickles us, such as the announcement that STRANGE TALES #1, the indie-anthology from Marvel, has gone back to press Whatever the realities of these sell-outs, it’s cool that an alt.comix book is getting the treatment. The new printing will have a […]


Okay, we don’t normally run these kinds of press releases either, but at least we get to run a picture of an elephant holding a sword. Perhaps you have always wanted to try ELEPHANTMEN, the SF series written by Richard Starkings, with art by various fine folks. If so, they have prepared a special jumping […]

Punchbuggy Tour with Baillie, Dahl and Reed

Three brave cartoonists are setting out to tool around much of the East Coast in a jalopy, and you know it is going to be a real adventure. Liz Baillie! Ken Dahl! MK Reed! My Brain Hurts! Monsters! Cross Country!  Come see the best indie graphic novels of Fall ’09, read to you by their […]

Peter Kuper on tour

Peter Kuper is hitting the road with Diario de Oaxaca, a gorgeous and thought provoking multimedia diary of his time in Mexico, during which violence erupted over a teacher’s strike. Dates below: Sept 13th, 11:00 a.m. Brooklyn, NY Book festival, International Stage (Borough Hall Plaza) The International Graphic Novel. Three acclaimed graphic novelists who tackle […]