San Diego Comic-Con 2010 is just around the corner!

SERIOUSLY. The very first deadline is approaching, September 15th for Artist Alley requests. Via an email from Justin Dutta that just went out to publishers: The deadline for Artists’ Alley this year is quite a bit earlier than last year. I wanted to make sure you had a copy of the AA application to send […]

The coming end of the Direct Market

Retailer Chris Butcher has this Tuesday’s must-read post on how Diamond’s new 2009 policies have left the DM less flexible and less relevant… …things seem “stable” but really, that’s just a convenient lie that we’ve all bought into. Things aren’t stable, behind the scenes (and sometimes spilling onto message boards and websites) people are very […]

Comics writers found wanting?

Over at TCR, Ng Suat Tong labors mightily and makes the startling and groundbreaking twin discoveries that cartoonists who write use the formal conventions of the comics medium more fluently than writer artist teams and — even more shockingly — that few comics writers are as inventive as Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. While a […]

Brooklyn Book Festival programming announced

The GN programming for the dedicated NYCC Pavilion at this weekend’s Brooklyn Book Festival (BBF), Sunday, September 13 at Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza has been released. More PR below: “Both NYCC and BBF are strong New York events with distinct local flavor and focus, and we both have our greatest support from the residents of […]

Vringo offers superhero ringtones

Via PR: VringoTM, the next-generation ringtone pioneer, and Marvel Entertainment have announced a collaboration to create and distribute mobile videos and video ringtones based on Marvel’s legendary library of Super Heroes.  The project kicks off today with the U.S. launch of a storefront and Web-based editing platform ( dedicated to letting fans purchase ready-made mobile […]