Things we learned in Previews

One thing we learned is that there WILL be a WINTER MEN collection!. As Chris Butcher writes: 5:17pm: Hey look, it’s THE WINTER MEN TP (page 107, $19.99, 176pages). The beloved, beautifully drawn mini-series by Lewis and John Paul Leon. We did okay with this mini–it never set any sales records or anything–but really it’s […]

Tokyopop update

Tokyopop held their scheduled webinar on Wednesday and Deb Aoki has a thorough recap, including some old favorite books coming back, but others not coming back, and more .hack and so on. There was some talk of manhwa and classic manga: Prospects for reviving dormant Korean manhwa titles look dim now, but possibly the only […]

The Return of Kibbles ‘n Bits! 9/4/09

These have been stacking up for a while. Sorry. § Th Flog blog FOUND Ivan Brunetti’s cover for this week’s New Yorker. § Sean Kleefeld explains that Flash was awful when Zuda decided to use it and Flash is still awful, but throws in some analysis of why it may have been chosen: The situation, […]