Guy Ritchie to direct LOBO

Talk about a bromance! Manly director Guy Ritchie is set to direct the LOBO movie…let’s start the campaign to cast defining artist Simon Bisley in a supporting role NOW! There’s gonna be so much bonus testosterone on this project that Megan Fox is gonna turn into a sprint champion. Warner Bros. has locked Guy Ritchie […]

To do tonight, NYC: Joe’s Pub GRAPHIC BOOK NIGHT

Yet another institution is jumping on the graphic novel bandwagon, with a comics night at Joe’s Pub’s Happy Ending Reading Series: GRAPHIC BOOK NIGHT The consistently sold out, Happy Ending Music and Reading Series, chosen by New York Magazine and NY Press as the best reading series in NYC, and singled out by the New […]

A.D.V. broken up, emerges as several new companies

The Biggest News Week Ever in Comics ® continues with news that ADV, a leading provider of anime films and, for a while, manga, has been broken up and reassembled as four new companies, three set up by Griffin D. Vance, ADV’s former SVP Business & Legal Affairs, and one of them run by former […]

MUST READ: Kate Chopin’s THE AWAKENING by Nick Bertozzi

If he finished this, it would be on every college syllabus. Will no smart publisher step up?

Astonishing X-Men motion comic trailer

Offered without comment.

SDCC: Convention Center expansion — the negatives

We’ve linked to articles by San Diego local Don Bauder before — he’s a definite gadfly who doesn’t accept the status quo, and he has a lot of questions about the proposed expansion of the San Diego convention center and the task force report. Although we’re in FAVOR of the San Diego con staying in […]


I am never, ever taking a staycation again. PS: Thanks to my mom, Suzanna Lasker, for the emergency graphic on Monday. When you don’t have an art department, you learn to adapt.