Thursday to do: Comics Press at MoCCA

DON’T MISS This once in a lifetime opportunity to see The Beat Douglas Wolk Aaron McQuade & Evie Nagy In cage fighting action as you have never seen it before! In the ring at MoCCA – Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Thursday, Oct. 1, 7 p.m. 2009The Comics Press: a panel discussionAdmission: $5 | […]

SPX huddles together for warmth + PHOTOS

THE SPIRIT OF INDIE COMICS as an avid fan struggles to keep a copy of KRAMERS ERGOT upright for reading purposes ———————————- You can read my “official” report on SPX at PW Comics Week, but there were some more rambly thoughts I wanted to share. I think Brian Heater (one of my traveling companions and […]

We Urge You To Bookmark This Site

Have you ever wanted to just ditch it all and go on tour for a few weeks? If adult responsibilities are preventing you fro doing just this, perhaps The Voyages of The Grimace, the tale of MK Reed, Liz Baillie and Ken Dahl in a car for a few weeks, will be a welcome (or […]

Random Universe, Random LInks, 9/30/09

§ Vice Magazine does Where The Wild Things Are, and a modern legend is born. Above, Ben Jones. (Link Via STC.) § Rick Marshall gets Robert Kirkman to spill a bit on Frank Darabont’s planned WALKING DEAD TV series. : MTV: How much will you be involved in shaping the series on AMC? KIRKMAN: I’m […]

SPX attendance up 19%; Nerdlinger winners!

According to SPX director Karon Flage, it wasn’t just your imagination: there WERE more people at SPX this year. She writes: Paid admissions were 1772 which is a nice increase of 19% over last year.  Add to that about 150 free admissions from flyers and coupons we handed out, 500 exhibitors and 150 in staff, […]

Crumb faces the press — UPDATED

Is there a living cartoonist besides Robert Crumb who could hold a press conference just about a comic book? For two hours? And sit in front of a picture of God and look great doing it? Crumb recently faced questions in Paris about GENESIS, his towering interpretation of the first book of the Bible: The […]

Irwin Hasen: LOVERBOY

It’s been an astonishing year in graphic novels, but…we’re not done yet. Comicmix has the goods on what may be the most amazing book of the year, LOVERBOY, by Dondi creator Irwin Hasen. Loverboy is the risqué, romantic escapade story of a short bachelor, who adores tall, women. The double-breasted suit wearing man-about-town seeks psychiatric […]

Catching up with Gerard and Clive!

Hm, Let’s see, FMB is in Blighty for BICS*, so maybe it’s time to sneak a peak at some…old friends. Whatever happened to dear, dear Gerard Butler, we hear you asking? Well, aside from being linked to all kinds of Hollywood hotties, and scuffling with seniors at the dog park, he’s also starring in about […]

John Porcellino on tour — tonight, Desert Island

Did we post the John Porcellino tour dates before? Twice is better than never. He IS coming to a store near you. Tues. Sept. 29, 2009; 7-9 PM – Brooklyn, NY Desert Island 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 388-5087 Weds. Sept. 30, 2009; 7PM – Somerville, MA Hub Comics 19 Bow Street, […]

Great minds think alike

We’re just stealing this from Tim Hodler at Comics Comics, via a Village Voice interview with French director Alain Resnais because it is three-way cool. “We decided that the light should be emotional rather than realistic,” says [Alain] Resnais, citing a source of inspiration in one of his beloved comic-strip illustrators, Terry and the Pirates […]

They’ll do it every time!

No sooner has Rich Johnston noted that much-loved and admired Amanda Conner was the first woman to make Wizard Magazine Top 10 artists list—to much huzzahing and rejoicing—than it was noted, via CB Cebulski’s Twitter, that the SAME issue of Wizard contained THIS: Boobs! Did you know that “a boob” means: 1 : a stupid […]

SPX memories…and there are a lot of them

This is far from a complete link dump, it’s more just things that struck our fancy, ¶ The Critics Panel at SPX was much discussed. You can either read about it, in Johanna Draper Carlson’s precís OR you can LISTEN to it at Sean T. Collins‘ recording! An age of wonders! ¶ Leah’s Stuff has […]

Quote of the day

The number of Chinese people eating there was a testament to its quality and the number of cartoonists eating there was a testament to its affordability. Ben Towle on the crowd at the Fortune Star Buffet in Rockville, MD, during SPX.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 9/29/09

§ Oh Shaenon, why can’t I be you? The Patrick Swayze Manga Recommendation Guide. § Robot 6 calls this post “The comic Chris Ware doesn’t want you to see“, and it is pretty hard to improve upon that description. What is the secret of…FLOYD FARLAND??? § Geoff Boucher looks at Jack Kirby, the abandoned hero […]

RIP: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

The woman that inspired the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” passed away at the age of 46 from Lupus. From the WaPo obit: … Mrs. Vodden’s connection to the Beatles dates to her childhood friendship with schoolmate Julian Lennon, John Lennon’s son. Julian Lennon, then 4 years old, came home from school […]

More on KingCon

We alluded a few weeks ago to KingCon, yet another new convention on the schedule, this one spotlighting BROOKLYN. The announced dates are November 7-8 and the venue is the Brooklyn Lyceum. According to a new press release, organizers hope to spotlight comics, animation, and so on. Held barely a month after the Big Apple […]