Is Diane Nelson the new overlord at DC?

Rich Johnston reports the rumor that has been swirling around for the last few weeks from multiple sources: a new boss for DC, namely Diane Nelson currently president of Warners’ direct-to-DVD branch Warner Premiere. DC honcho Paul Levitz had been reporting to Time-Warner president and COO Alan Horn, after a period several years ago where […]

Is Australia killing another DC superhero movie?

DC fans are still grieving over the way brutal Australian tax laws put the kibosh on George Miller’s JLA movie, claiming the film did not have enough Australian content to justify the tax breaks needed to make such a costly film. Now it seems these Aussie scumbags are endangering the Ryan Reynolds starring GREEN LANTERN […]

PINOCCHIO, VAMPIRE SLAYER contest — Lie to win

PINOCCHIO, VAMPIRE SLAYER by Van Jensen and Dustin Higgins is coming out this fall from Slave Labor, and the creators are promoting it with a most imaginative contest: Hyphothetical question time. What if you were a magically sentient wooden puppet? And what if whenever you told a lie, your magically sentient wooden nose would grow […]

Relax, Twilighters getting their OWN conventions

Creation is launching a 20-date series of TWILIGHT conventions, writes Geoff Boucher at the LA Times: The three-day weekend fan conventions will tour around the country and internationally over the next three years, with 20 stops already announced and one scheduled in the Southland at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel on March 12-14, 2010. […]

Todd McFarlane doodles

Todd McFarlane has been Twittering ever since Tyrese talked him into doing it. And now we get Todd’s doodles from when he’s in meetings. He writes: Here’s a PARODY drawing of a classic hero. Idle time makes the mind wonder. This was done in the program COREL PAINTER.

Ted Kennedy memories — UPDATE

Poor Bluewater…bad timing. UPDATE: Bluewater has released a statement: The country is a lesser place with the passing of Senator Kennedy. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum we could all learn a great deal if we followed his passion for public service.   The timing of our announcement of a biography comic […]

My Romance news: iPhone apps, marketing director

MyRomanceStory is a division of Arrow Publishing that has been turning out romance comics for a while now — unspectacularly, but they made it this far, so something must have worked. A check of their website reveals these sorts of storylines, just so you know where we’re coming from: Volume 101. Surprised By Love 
The […]

NBM and Panelfly team for…comics on iPhone

If only someone would put comics on iPhone! How convenient it would be! Wait, they have? NBM is the latest publisher to join the gold rush: NBM Publishing is proud to announce partnering with Panelfly, the newly launched iPhone app that’s bringing the best graphic novels direct to you… instantly!  Panelfly allows you to read […]

WHITEOUT pics released

In preparation for its long-awaited debut on September 11, WB has released a bunch of new WHITEOUT pics. CBR has the whole gallery. Starring Kate Beckinsale and Gabriel Macht, the film is based on the Greg Rucka/Steve Lieber graphic novel.