To do tonight: A.D. benefit party

Josh Neufeld’s tour for A.D.: continues tonight in NYC: A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge 6:00pm – 9:00pm Location: Idlewild Books 12 West 19th Street New York, NY Come celebrate the release of A.D.: NEW ORLEANS AFTER THE DELUGE and raise money for Common Ground: New Orleans. $5 cover charge (to benefit Common Ground) Live […]


It’s not too soon to start planning for SPX. Here’s the first debut we’ve heard of, FUNNY AMINALS, an anthology by an array of luminaries. CCS graduates and Sunday’s Co-editors, Bryan Stone, and Jeff Lok and their bestest forest friends bring you, Funny Aminals! Contributors include: 2009 Ignatz award nominees Colleen Frakes and Cat Garza, […]

Brief bits: New Siegel decision, Larson and Shaw on editors

§ Ever vigilant Jeff Trexler reports on the latest ruling in the Superman case—the judge is pushing REALLY hard for a settlement. As I’ve noted before, the judge in the ongoing Superman and Superboy lawsuits has been using his decisions to push the parties toward a settlement. The decision awarding addition material to the Siegels […]

Art distraction: Character Designer Blog

Interviews with folks who design characters for film, animation, video games and comics. For instance, Paul Linsley (his take on the Turtles, above.) What goes through my mind?… “Okay Paul, we need a completely original character, that’s fun and appealing, but complex, yet simple, and like nothing we’ve ever seen before.” … Panic. Anxiety. A […]

Meth ring used comics to launder money

We were not aware that Denver, CO was a hotbed of both methamphetamines and comics speculation, but the two went hand in hand in a huge meth lab that sold pound and pounds of the stuff. 41 people were indicted in what is being called a “massive” and sophisticated operation. Brothers Aaron and Alfonzo Castro […]

Jeffrey Brown will make you smile

The ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine comic. Via The Top Shelf Blog:

You too can wield cosmic power!

I want one! For the crafty, details on how to make your own here: If anyone makes one, let me know. I would like to know what it is like to “wield” something.

What have we learned?

We have learned that folks would rather argue about “journalism” than talk about a picture of Spider-Man shooting webbing out his ass. That really surprised me, frankly.