2009 Ignatz Award nominees announced

The nominees for the Ignatz Awards, the festival prize awarded at SPX, have been announced.  It’s a pretty awesome list, as usual, heavy on very small press comics. The noms are chosen by a jury — this year’s were Lilli Carré, Vanessa Davis, Robert Kirby, Scott Mills and Laura Park. (Two of the jurors are […]

The Pekar Project launches

SMITH magazine has launched its newest online comics strip, and its The Pekar Project by guess who! Pekar Project seeds were planted when Pekar discovered artist Tara Seibel, a fellow Clevelander. They began collaborating on stories for her blog, Rock City Comix. For The Pekar Project, Pekar has formed a band including editor Jeff Newelt […]

Levitz on the industry

ICv2 sits down for its yearly or so confab with DC Publisher and PresidentPaul Levitz and it took all I could muster not to title this post “a wobble feel”, but I resisted. The interview runs in three parts and Levitz seems relaxed and more wide ranging than in some previous editions; and why not? […]

OH NO, not the gossip war again.

Sometime in the night, the marvelous Gail Simone went on Twitter and spoke thusly: Do We Need Tabloid And Gossip Comics Journalism? which Rich Johnston picked up at the above link. Simone is no stranger to the message board, so the debate continues in the link and its very own Twitter topic. Now, I haven’t […]

Disney putting on its own Comic-Con

Back in the day, Disney never ever exhibited at SDCC in any big way. We used to argue that Disney had no need to attend the San Diego Comic-Con because they had their own convention that ran every day and in four different locations. Well, times have changed. In the LA Times, Geoff Boucher and […]

News stories we missed

While we were having vacations and internet problems last week, there were several stories that we had queued up that never got off the launching pad. Just to keep the narrative straight: • Sony announced that the new PSP would include a digital comics reader and that Marvel and IDW comics would be available through […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 8/24/09

We’ve been kind of spotty with our kibbling and bitsing of late, so we’ll try to catch up a little. § LINK O’ THE DAY: Yet another reminder that comics are HERE, man, The Washington Post — the WASHINGTON POST asks, of all things, why movies don’t sell more comic books: But the celebrity dazzle […]