SPIDER-WOMAN motion comics a hit on iTunes

Marvel launched its first all-original downloadable motion comic on iTunes yesterday, and according to the press release you are about to read, it was a hit, debuting at #1 on the Television-Animation chart and #2 on the Top Television Episodes chart. Created by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev, the project certainly has the creative pedigree […]

War of the Indie-pendents with added Hellen Jo

It seems all the useful internet talk about comics is currently taking place at Comics Comics, with Jeet Heer, Dash Shaw, and other people with more than four letters in their names contributing appreciations of Tom K, Tim Hensley, comical allusions in the late poetry of John Updike, and other such matters. However, in the […]

Great books, great covers

Via Jacob Covey at Flog, a link to the Flickr stream of Paul Buckley, the art director for the highly regarded line of Penguin Classics with covers by comics luminaries. This is the best collection of this great line we’ve seen online. Here’s a few you may have missed. Above, Lilli Carré. Sammy Harkham And…the […]

Zemeckis readies mocap, CGI YELLOW SUBMARINE remake

Now how ON EARTH are they going to do this? Maybe Ahmed Best can play Ringo. We can kinda see Heinz Edelmann‘s classic designs being”fleshed out” to 3D…their blobbiness is very similar to what most CGI characters look like. According to the piece, the remake — planned for a 2012 release, just in time for […]