PONYO at the Box Office

Continuing coverage of all things Miyazaki at THE BEAT, let’s look at the opening weekend in the United States for PONYO. The picture finished ninth this weekend at the box office, with $3.5 million weekend gross on 927 screens, for a per-screen average of $3,782. It was fourth among new films opening last weekend, finishing […]

The secret of comics

Speaking of Carson van Osten, we really just mentioned him so we could reprint, again, his guide to comics storytelling which is as simple and direct yet essential, in its own way, as Alex Toth’s Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that Always Work. Although it is specific to Disney characters in some ways, the universal truths […]

The music/comics connection

You may enjoy this piece in the LA Times covering musicians who make comics, including Zak Sally (above) Archer Prewitt, and Gerard Way. There are a few obvious names missing, like James Kochalka, and a few more obscure ones, like Carson van Osten, who quit Todd Rundgren’s band, The Nazz, in 1969 for a busy […]