Art Attack: The BLAB! Show

Damn, we totally f*cked up by not posting about the opening last night of this Monte Beauchamp-curated The BLAB! Show, but if you check out the link, you will see an eye-bending gallery of art on the topic “21st Century Apocalypse” with art by Jeff Soto, Spain, Gary Baseman, Travis Lampe, Kathleen Lolly and many, […]

Art Attack: Alex Puvilland

Alex Puvilland has worked in animation for Dreamworks for some time, and does comics when he can; he’s best known for First Second’s PRINCE OF PERSIA graphic novel, done in collaboration with his wife, LeUyen Pham.

Chicago: a kinder, gentler experience

Rich Johnston reports that the manageable-size crowds at Chicago Comic Con definitely have an upside: People realised that with smaller numbers, they could actually get into the panels they wanted to see without queuing overnight. Hell, some people just walked into the Kick Ass footage – something you just couldn’t do at San Diego. People […]