Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: June 2009

By Paul O’Brien After a quiet May, things pick up a bit this month. The big event of the month, of course, was CAPTAIN AMERICA #600. Meanwhile, Dark Reign continued to sprawl over the rest of the Marvel Universe. The more notable tie-ins include WOLVERINE’s relaunch as DARK WOLVERINE, and the start of a crossover […]

Today is MAYHEM day

The Daily News talks to Tyrese Gibson, whose MAYHEM comic goes on sale today: Gibson has been trolling the Internet, reading the harshest criticism and vowing to convince naysayers that he isn’t some celebrity dilettante dabbling in a get-rich-quick scheme. He gets so worked up during his interview with The News that he refers to […]


Someone Twittered us to check out Andrew Drilon’s THE LOVE EATERS, one of the Top Shelf 2.0 webcomics, and ya know what…we are suckers for any comic that features good pen and ink art of animals…mixed with dark fantasy and imagination. In the past, this would have been a mini-comic someone handed to us at […]

Continued SD09 mop-up

Sorry…it’s just staggering on, and I wanted to link to a couple of reactions to my novella yesterday. § Don McPherson talks to the SD police to find out what REALLY happened during the con. It turns out we are a peaceful, law abiding folk after all. Monica Munoz, media services manager with the SDPD, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/5/09

We’re blogging a little feebly today…. § Laura Hudson responds to Frank Santoro’s essay on the Direct Market: The “death” of the Direct Market is similar to the way that languages die; it’s not the ultimate black screen, the permanent 404 of existence, but something more gradual and conceptual. The Direct Market is dead in […]