Tan, Gaiman get World Fantasy Award noms

Over at her blog, Delia Sherman has listed the World Fantasy Award nominations and not only is Neil Gaiman up for two (For The Graveyard Book and Odd and the Frost Giants but Shaun Tan was nominated for two — one for Best Artist and one for Tales from Outer Suburbia in the Best Collection […]

Marvel’s publishing sales flat in Q2

Jim Milliot at PW summarizes Marvel’s latest financials, and they back up the idea of a softer 2nd quarter for comics publishing in general: Publishing revenue at Marvel Entertainment was flat in the second quarter, slipping from $31.8 million to $31.7 million. Operating income fell more noticeably, dropping 6.8%, to $10.9 million. Lower level of […]

To Do: August 4 – August 9

Wednesday, August 5 Los Angeles, CA, 6 PM – 10 PM – Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem at Meltdown Comics Actor, singer, comics writer and hype machine Tyrese Gibson and the rest of the creative team of his new comic book, MAYHEM, Mike Le, Will Wilson, and Tone Rodriguez, will make a signing apperance at L.A. retailer […]

Marvel/Miracleman plot thickeners

Likewise, we haven’t had time to delve into all the various levels of the return of Marvelman, but let’s just say all the players are tuning up for a whang dang doodle of a hootenanny. Rich Johnstongathers up some early reports and message board postings, including Erik Larsen’s declaration that “Neil Gaiman is a dick.” […]

Frank Santoro’s The bridge is over

Frank Santoro has posted an important essay on the end of the direct market as a conduit between comics for art and comics for commerce : The bridge is over. From 1975 to 2005, the Direct Market was the bridge from the old world “Comics-as-ephemera”, returnable periodicals model to the new world “Comics-as-Literature” bookstore model. […]

Studio coffee run: PRIEST, Wimpy, ALIBI

§ Remember that adaptation of PRIEST, the manga about a priest who fights vampires? A teaser image of star Paul Bettany has been released. § A Wimpy Kid movie? Wow, why didn’t I think of that! More casting news here. Steve Zahn is joining star Zachary Gordon (above) with Thor Freudenthal directing. Zahn and Rachael […]