Chicago Comic-Con…how to get a cheap hotel room

With the blisters of San Diego barely healing, a few hardy folks are girding their loins for this coming weekend’s Chicago Comic-Con (formerly Wizard World Chicago). However, folks who booked their hotel through the con website may still have time to save a buck or two. A creator we’ll call “Thunderdome” writes: I’m staying with […]

Manga goes mobile…who will follow?

The NY Times has a piece by Miki Tanikawa on manga’s shift to mobile phone distribution in Japan, and we expect that just about every word of this article will strike as a hammer blow to US publishers. Most of the move is in women’s comics, and the customers are women: “It brought back memories,” […]

SD09: Panel audio files now up

Jamie Coville has now uploaded a ton of panels from Comic-Con, including many of our must-sees which we didn’t: Secret Origins of Comic-Con. (61.8mb, 67:32) Participants of the first and early San Diego Comic cons tell their stories of how it all began. Panelist include Richard Alf, Greg Bear, Dave Clark, Ken Krueger, Mike Towry, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/3/09

§ Joseph Shahadi looks at sociological messages at the First Asian American Comic Con § Johanna wonders why Marvel isn’t selling more GNs on Amazon. § In India, one comics series goes far beyond being bagged and boarded: What McLain repeatedly heard from ACK readers is that the comic books seemed to almost radiate a […]

Not SD09: Miyazaki at Berkeley

Posted by Mark Coale During our high-powered breakfast (maybe brunch by the time Ace and FMB got there), The Beat requested that I try and write more for the site. So, here’s the first article about the non-SDCC portion of my travels recently. I had always planned on only doing one day of San Diego, […]