More on Marvel/Disney as reactions unfold

Obviously, this is going to be a big story for, like, well…forever. Although Marvel has been acquired and batted around many times in its 70-year history, Disney is…the final redoubt. Once you enter the House of Mouse, you stay there, especially when they flew you out for $4 billion. The acquisition/merger is even being seen […]

SPX announces Lemire and Karasik

Via PR: The Small Press Expo (SPX), the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comics, graphic novels and alternative political cartoons, is pleased to announce Paul Karasik and Jeff Lemire as guests for SPX 2009. Paul Karasik is a contributor to both The New Yorker and Nickelodeon magazine. He is the former associate editor […]

Disney buys Marvel — Analysis

Quick thoughts off the top of my head: § Disney has always wanted strong boys properties. They rule the pink world with their princesses, but have had a historic weakness with older boys that they’ve tried to bridge. This is obviously a slam dunk for that. § Marvel has been rumored to be for sales […]

Breaking: Disney buys Marvel for $4 billion

Yes, it’s true. UPDATE: CBR has a breakdown of the conference call. UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter has a story with comments from Diseny head Bob Iger: Basically, Marvel’s current movie deals — including five more pictures with Paramount — will stay in place. Pixar’s John Lasseter met with Marvel top brass recently – the deal […]

Thought for the day

Well, that was a short vacation.

News and notes: SDCC and the locals; Bluewater and Harryhausen; Fan Expo

• Robot 6 reports that Ray Harryhausen has chosen to terminate his deal with Bluewater.: • If you’ve been following along with the Saga of the San Diego Con, you will LOVE this transcript of a radio show that ran during the show. Basically, it shows locals arguing the merits of the convention center expansion, […]

GUNDAM wedding

Previously only Tweeted, now blogged, Click through for bigger, even more astounding, photos. Link submitted by Isaac Alexander.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/31/09

§ Frank Santoro continues his interview with Ben Katchor § SFGate looks at the Monsters of Webcomics show at Cartoon Art Museum, which certainly does sound kinda epoch-defining: Just as the underground comix movement liberated cartoonists to express alternative viewpoints and cover controversial subjects not found in the traditional comic strips of mainstream newspapers, the […]

Is this candy wrapper dirty?

Parent Dish reports on a Daily Mail story about a dad who suddenly realized that Maoam’s candy wrappers were filthy as hell: “The lemon and lime are locked in what appears to be a carnal encounter,” the chap said. “The lime, whom I assume to be the gentleman in this coupling, has a particularly lurid […]

The Blogger’s Staycation

In 1999, would anyone even know what the title of this blog post meant?Like many of my fellow bloggers, The Beat finds August is a slow time when vacations are more easily managed. So frankly, for the next week, we’re doggin’ it. After Labor Day things begin to hurtle along again, with the Brooklyn Book […]

Unholy alliance of Warcraft and Mountain Dew may create army of super soldiers

You know how it is, you’re a little tuckered out from smashing dragon turtles with your +45 Clout Mace, whilst wearing your Imbued Plate Greaves and need a pick me up. Shall it be mead…or MOUNTAIN DEW? As all true nerds know, the almost-popless, caffeine and sugar packed drink of champions has the real life […]

Art Attack: Nate Powell

Eisner-winning, Ignatz-nominated Nate Powell has a website and gallery.

Hours of ugly fun: Public Collection

Public Collectors, via Meathaus, which reports it includes a pdf of the Last Gasp comic AMPUTEE LOVE and things even more dubious. Above, art by punk French artist Bruno Richard.

Rick Baker’s realistic Popeye

[Via Dan Goldman]

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Jack Kirby would have been 92 years old today. Bully has a 24 hour tribute, with hourly posting. Spurge has a visual tribute. We’ll link to the epic Merry Marvel Marching Society recording, which, although it does spotlight other Marvel personnel, also includes the King’s voice and personality as it was heard.

Prepare to buy new insoles: SD Convention Center expansion APPROVED — UPDATE reports that the task force assigned to determine the future of a planned expansion of the San Diego Convention Center, has approved the expansion. They decided that the $750 million project was feasible and would have a positive impact on the region. How to pay for the project? The task force presents several options […]