Comic-Con's culture clash

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether an internet feud is just an excuse to type or lot or a manifestation of an actual conflict. We’d kind of decided that the Con-vs-Twlight feud was halfway a work, but on the floor we heard enough anecdotal evidence and passing references to decide that the Twilighters are, in […]

SD09: Wha' hoppen?

Okay, a very brief linkage of some of the points of interest we saw during yesterday’s recovery time: § Douglas Wolk reviewed >ASTERIOS POLYP for the NY Times, in a review Scott McCloud deemed “insightful.” § This Booth Babe business is pretty annoying. § Here’s that letter by Chuck Rozanski everyone is talking about. § […]

SD09: Panel Prep Gone Wild

How much work did the Lost brain trust put into their (last?) Comic-Con panel presentation? A lot, according to an article in today’s NYT. “Is it too late for when Carlton and I come out onstage for there to be giant towers of flames?” Mr. Lindelof said (mostly) facetiously. Tip of the hat to Peter […]