The Big Squeeze

Posted by Evie Mile High Comics’ Chuck Rozanski appears to be the first out of the gate with the annual “where are the comics at Comic Con?” lament, and Val D’Orazio has a further discussion. My personal flash-assessment, having not been there this year but having gone in the past and following the news from […]

SD09: Bye bye, Elite!

We’ll have our big long meditation on Comic-Con and What It Means tomorrow or (more likely) Wednesday am, but in the meantime, Sunday wrapped up with FAR MORE crowded floors than Saturday, and reports of mixed sales, fewer costumes, and the same “It was brutal but it was great!” vibe from 97 percent of the […]

Momentarily engaged

Briefly back on the grid, following a mass exodus from the Bayfront Hilton. Rorschach, your car is waiting! We’re drinking some refreshing fluids, and gearing up for finding out what actually happened over the last week. Check out Calvin Reid’s report in PW on the broad strokes. More after lunch.

Beyond the Merge, 7/27/09

Greetings, guest-poster Evie Nagy here. While the Beat and half the known comics universe have been in San Diego for the past four days, and the rest of us have been following their reports closely (and maybe the tiniest bit grumpily), we may have overlooked some bits of fun. Oh, and as a native of […]