MARVELMAN comes to Marvel

Joe Quesada made a big announcement at his Cup o’ Joe panel, marking the return of one of the most contended characters in comics history: Marvelman. Ironically, the venerable Brit character was called Miracleman in its Alan Moore/Gary Leach incarnation because Marvel made Eclipse change the title back in the day — an act that […]

Finally, Wi-Fi

Wow, finally made it to the Wired Cafe where free Wi-Fi, music and Tequila cocktails prevail. Also, some of the kids from Twilight are sitting at the next table. The Wi-Fi and phone signals on the show floor and in the press room are JAMMED, Lt. Uhura, and this cafe for media is definitely a […]

SD09: All your parties

Twitpicced from the Hyatt last night. BTW, welcome Special Beat Correspondent Zena Tsarfin, who has already done a bang-up job of actually seeing what went on at the con while we were busy making history, or pie something like that. We love this quote from Lev Grossman spotted by Robot 6: Spend any time at […]

Exclusive: Dark Horse to publish Archie Archives, more Casper

Adding to their slate of classic comics reprints, Dark Horse is set to publish the Archie Archives, hardcover reprints of every Archie story starting from the very beginning, starting early next year. According to Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson, the series will run indefinitely. “The first story, some readers may not recognise the style,” he […]

D&Q nabs Clowes' WILSON

Via PR, Drawn & Quarterly will publish the next graphic novel by Dan Clowes, WILSON. While the move assures the book of having black diamond level production values, it does come as a bit of a surprise as Clowes had enjoyed a very long, successful publishing history with Fantagraphics. Perhaps the takeaway is that even […]

SD09: Day 1

Hm, well…not really sure what happened Thursday or whether Robert Pattinson was dreamy or not…our day began with a fine breakfast with Jeff Smith and FMB. Then we raced off to our only panel of the show, the Marketing Indie Comics Panel. Shannon Wheeler’s plane has been delayed, so Beaucoup Kevin took over for him. […]

One and Done

Paste Pot Pete by Colleen Coover [Special to The Beat by Mark Coale] As I told a number of people, I stopped coming to SD in 2003 because it had gotten too big. And after one day, I’m glad I’m leaving tomorrow. Exhausted is just the word that came out of most people’s mouths. And […]