Tomorrow's don't miss: Mazzucchelli and Nadel at MoCCA

In a year jammed with graphic novel publishing events, the appearance of ASTERIOS POLYP still counts as something special. Over a decade in the making, and executed with attention to every creative detail, it’s a powerful story that touches on identity, art, architecture, the nature of love and much more. Despite its densely packed narrative […]

SD09: Marvel Anime toons preview with Warren Ellis

We’d heard rumors that Warren Ellis would be at San Diego, turns out he’s there to host the presentation of Marvel’s new anime Iron Man and Wolverine. UPDATE: on his blog, the notoriously con-shy Ellis wrote: Okay, the word got out a while ago, and I’m being drowned in emails tonight, so let’s get this […]

TWILIGHT graphic novel due from Yen Press

EW’s new book blog, SHELF LIFE, has the news that TWILIGHT, the insanely popular vampire series, is being adapted into a graphic novel. The book will be published through Yen Press, and Young Kim is the artist — with much input from author Stephanie Meyer. This week’s EW will have exclusive excerpts of the comic. […]

More STRANGE TALES: Tony Millionaire's IRON MAN

Can there be enough STRANGE TALES previews? NO. This is from Eric Reynolds at FLOG.

Mystery art alert

This mystery art has been making the rounds online…and in honor of the All-Star break in baseball, we approve…of whatever it is.

Sergio Aragonés to join Simpsons Comics

This press release is a little long, but it’s worth it just to see Sergio Aragonés’s accomplishments laid out in one very very long paragraph. In the time it takes to read it, he probably drew a whole page! Bart Simpson teams up with Sergio Aragonés beginning in Bart Simpson #50. Matt Groening, creator of […]

SD09: 2 more things to do

Craig Yoe at IDW

News that has been floating around for awhile, but the official announcement is great news, as IDW continues their commitment to comics past with a new imprint helmed by comics historian/design guru Craig Yoe: Yoe is coming to IDW! On the heels of the media frenzy surrounding his highly-acclaimed new book, Secret Identity: The Fetish Art […]

SD09: Win a chance to be in an Archie Comic

A chance to be involved in a catfight between Betty and Veronica??? Where does The Beat sign up!!! Since Archie first debuted, fans have always asked: “Where is Riverdale?” They want to visit Riverdale. More than that, fans want to meet Archie and the kids from Riverdale High. Now, one lucky person has a chance […]