Help John Ostrander keep his eyesight

John Ostrander is a writer who has done an incredible amount of work in this business, and entertained and enlightened readers for more than two decades. Grimjack, Munden’s Bar, Star Wars, The Kents…you name it, he’s done it. And not just space filling make work…John CARES about the reader…and it shows on every page. He’s […]

SD09: What's happening Sunday

Sunday, a day of brunch, a day of kids, a day of goodbyes and hangovers. Things are clearly winding down, but there’s still much to enchant: Fae Desmond, The San Diego International Children’s Film Festival, Anson and Benton Jew, David Tennant, David Hayter, Smallville, Mimi Cruz, Marjorie Liu, Charles Vess, American Dad, Daryl Cagle, David […]

Mommy, what was San Diego like 20 years ago?

Here at Stately Beat Manor we’re involved in an ongoing process of transferring some of our valuable collection of memorabilia and artifacts, painstakingly gathered on our world travels, into our secure, temperature-controlled archives, otherwise known as Manhattan MIni Storage. By pure chance, while rummaging through our archived files, we found a manilla folder containing all […]

Carmine Infantino speaks; Chris Irving responds

Legendary artist and publisher Carmine Infantino was the subject of an interview on the Graphic NYC website last week, and it seems that he takes issue with some of the handling of the piece. Since we gave the interview a prominent spot, we’re giving his rebuttal equal prominence: “Some weeks back, I granted an interview […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 7/13/09

§ Al Jaffee discusses the evolution of vomiting up fishbones for comedic effect at Comics Comics. § Johanna catches up with the evolution of Zuda, DC’s online comics initiative which is going on two years old. I thought I’d stop by and check out this month’s Zuda entries, which made me wonder about how similar […]

SD09 news and notes: MIA movies, Nemo, etc.

• Now that the con schedule has been announced, /Film rounds up the movies that AREN’T getting pushed at the show, most prominent among them SCOTT PILGRIM. • Looking to shake your own or someone else’s groove thing during the show? This list of Off-site events and parties happening during San Diego Comic-Con 2009 includes […]

Studio Coffee Run: Flock optioned

Not too much movie/tv news coming out with all the big announcements being saved for next week, but here’s an odd one: a book that got optioned when the author posted on Eddie Campbell’s blog? It’s true, as Don Murphy picked up the rights to The Flock, a novel by James Robert Smith about giant […]