WANTED: San Diego news

Hey, everyone, just a reminder to get me your San Diego Comic-Con PR ASAP. I’ll be running it all this week and next. Anything later than Friday and no one is going to see it, so let’s go. That’s heidi dot macdonald at gmail dot com.  ALSO: Check out our story on the con in […]

Let's all market with Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM

To the list of hardest-working celebs in comics (Rosario Dawson, Milo Ventimiglia) the name Tyrese Gibson must be added. With MAYHEM — co-created by Mike Le and Will Wilson, and artist Tone Rodriguez — coming out from Image in August. As the co-star of the record smashing TRANSFORMERS 2, how did Gibson spend the opening […]

Dark Horse Presents leaves MySpace

Lost in all the excitement over Gilbert Hernandez’s new superhero Dreamstar last week, is the fact that Dark Horse Presents has left MySpace. Given the social networking site’s unfriending of hundred of employees — including those that ran the comics site — this is pretty low on the surprise meter. ICv2 caught up with editor […]

Master Post: Von Eeden Interview Extras

Michel Fiffe interviews artist Trevor Von Eeden for the latest Comics Journal, and his LJ includes outtakes and a generous helping of art to show what makes Von Eeden such a noteworthy figure. There’s also lots of juicy comic book history: MICHEL FIFFE: Your last and most extended run on any title was Black Canary […]

Supergirl's Guide to short skirts and the active lifestyle

Last week, NPR, of all places, made a big whoop-t over Supergirl finally deciding to stop flashing everyone — apparently the decision came by editorial fiat: The man in question: DC Comics editor Matt Idelson. The pronouncement he issued was just eight words long, but such is its paradigm-shattering power that it will surely stand […]

Chris Duffy's July 4th Project

Ease yourself out of the holiday mood and back into the workaday with The July 4th Project, an assemblage of new superheroes by an assortment of fine cartoonists curated by Chris Duffy. Above THE STAR-SPANGLED BADGER designed by Julie Van Voorhis, drawn by Andrei Molotiu.

To Do: July 6 – 12

With less than two weeks left until San Diego, there’s still plenty going on, including the Asian American Comic Con in NYC and a new underground comix exhibition in SF. Plus events with Brian Azarrello, Lynda Barry, Michael Kupperman, Peter Bagge and more! Wednesday, July 7 New York, NY, 8 PM – Neil Kleid at […]

Links from around

§ We did not link to Image marketing manager Joe Keatinge’s An Open Letter on the 2009 Harvey Award Nominations, which we should have done. § Tom Spurgeon interviews the great Carol Tyler: SPURGEON: There are many significant memoirs out there in a variety of media. Is there anything about such books you wanted to […]

Will Lost be turned into a comic book after it ends?

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, the brain trust behind Lost, gave a presentation recently and they were asked if the show would have a comic book spin-off, as so many shows created by comics-friendly Hollywood writers seem to have. The answer would seem to be…”No.” Q: My question is about the fate of Lost, because […]

San Diego news and notes

• The lineup for the Comic-Con Independent Film Festival is up…suggestions for must sees gratefully accepted. • A partial list of exclusive toys, comics and tchatkes is also up, and while we’re not really able to stand in line for any of this stuff, who wouldn’t want Diamond’s Angry Stay Puft Man statue? • In […]