When Worlds Collide, Part II

As we write, Anime Expo ’09 is taking place at the LA Convention Center (not Anaheim as we stupidly wrote) which is right next door to the Staples Center, which is where…something is going to happen next week. Or as Diamond’s Kuo Yu LIang twittered: #AX09 all the networks are here at Staples Ctr covering […]

When Worlds Collide

As us nerds remember all too well from high school, the “jock clique” and the “geek clique” don’t often mix well. So, imagine what it was like the other day when the Mets (the favored team in Stately Beat Manor) arrived at their hotel in Pittsburgh to see a furry convention going on. That led […]

Asian American ComiCon announces guests, schedules

The first ever Asian American ComiCon will be held next Saturday, July 11th in NYC, and they are only selling 250 tickets, so we advise buying one in advance! The guest list and programming schedule have been released and here they are. The programming sounds great, and with folks like Derek Kirk Kim, Larry Hama, […]

Shuster nominees in kids' comics announced

The Joe Shuster Award nominees in the kids’ comics category have been announced. The nominees were chosen by a panel of teachers: The Comics for Kids Award / Prix de Bandes Dessinées pour Enfants recognizes creators who have produced works which capture the attention and fascination of young readers, and help to create a passion […]

Gerard Butler resurrection?

The 300 sequel is actually moving along, according to an interview with producer Mark Canton at Splash Page. It seems Frank and Zack are cooking something up. — 301 or 600 or 299 or something — but perhaps…a familiar set of abs will make a reappearance? But if you’re thinking that no sequel could ever […]