DC's SD panel schedule released

DC has released its complete schedule of panels for San Diego, including daily Talent  Search panels, a Wednesday Comics panel, three Vertigo panels, a Webcomics panel, Wildstorm, Zuda, CMX and more more more. THURSDAY, JULY 2310:30-11:30 DC Talent Search 1 Room 411:45-12:45 Superman: Two Worlds Room 6DE2:15-3:15 Spotlight on Geoff Johns Room 6DE5:00-6:00 JSA: The […]

When the top-heavy must wear white

If you’re extremely top-heavy, white can be a hard color to pull off; not only does it show every bulge, but it makes things look a lot bigger. If you’re stuck wearing white — because you have to wear a uniform, say — and are busty, there are still ways you can minimize your chest […]

Busiek wins with great looking new website

Damn it! It’s not enough that Kurt Busiek has to win every internet argument he ever enters…now he got his own website, Busiek.com to spout even MORE of his level-headed, even-handed views and informed, intelligent commentary. Damn it! With luck, this’ll be a good place for news, information, previews of upcoming projects, announcements of convention […]

Chaykin books to be collected at Dynamite

We missed this news the other day: a bunch of long OOP Howard Chaykin books are going to be reprinted at Dynamite. Projects include Power and Glory Black Kiss!, Midnight Men an the remainder of American Flagg!. Publisher Nick Barrucci promises that many lessons were learned in the years long delays of the first American […]

To Do 7/3: Jeremy Eaton's Scholarly Jumble

Jeremy Eaton is an acclaimed English artist who will have a show at Secret Headquarters in LA this Friday. The subject is his Cartoon Jumbles that mash up popular cartoonesque icons, like a Danger Mouse of the canvas. What: ENGLISH ARTIST JEREMY EATON TO TAKE LIBERTIES WITH VENERABLE AMERICAN ARTFORM ON 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND! […]

SD09 updates: KICK-ASS, AVATAR, program book

• The cover for the program for this 40th San Diego has been revealed. It’s by Rick Geary. • Street signs for the con are already up in San Diego and they sport teasers for James Cameron’s supposedly revolutionary AVATAR film! {Both of these via the con’s official Twitter feed.} • Speaking of the Twitter […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 7/2/09

§ Grant Morrison MEDIA week! At io9, he talks all about Batman and Robin. Movie Trailers – Movies Blog And at Splash Page, rapper MF Grimm interviews the Scottish raconteur. § Many people are under the mistaken impression that comic books are for children. This isn’t the case. § Michael May picks out some promising […]

Upcoming Comics and Art events

{Please send us your events, but if at all possible put EVENT in the subject line somewhere.] JULY 2 Anime Expo 2009 kicks off. The biggest Anime show in the US runs until the 5th, in Los Angeles, CA. Guests include Yun Kouga, Takashi Okazaki, Yasuhiro NIghtow and many more. JULY 3 White River Junction, […]