San Diego: CCI news and notes

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to us that continuing with our week-before-the-show round-up of San Diego news will not only a) kill us but b) be hopelessly out of date. In that spirit, we’ll be posting what will eventually end up being daily roundups of news and notes. § First, a reminder: the con is eBaying, […]

Your guide to Toronto comics conventions

Following last week’s ownership change of the Toronto Comicon, a lot of people were confused about what shows were what in Toronto. Although we’re not locals, as far as we can make out there are three major shows in Toronto: TCAF: an indie centric, curated show which is generally considered one of the best comics […]

JMS leaves THOR

Well-reviewed, chart-topping, but irregularly shipping, the J. Michael Straczynski/Olivier Coipel run on THOR was one of the better selling recent character relaunches. However, it had been rumored widely that JMS was leaving the book, and an interview at CBR confirms. The reason given isn’t any big blow-out, but rather that JMS didn’t want to get […]

Long Beach Comic-Con announces more guests

Via PR: Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC), October 2-4, 2009, at the Long Beach Convention Center in downtown Long Beach, California has confirmed an all-star slate of comic writers, creators and artists as well as a wide array of mass media celebrities to its growing list of previously announced exhibitors. Special guests include television and […]

New Eddie Campbell collection info

Eddie Campbell previews The Years Have Pants, the upcoming omnibus of Alec, his early autobiographical strip, and shows off some of the 45 pages of new material, including the above strip. For those who haven’t seen Alec, it’s autobiography that probably a lot of people who don’t like autobio comics will like, as, unlike many […]

Is there a Steve Jobs in the comic book industry?

At Comic Book Bin, Hervé St-Louis asks Is There a Steve Jobs in the Comic Book Industry? In order for a similar persona to exist in the comic book industry, such a person would have to share Jobs’ equal business acumen, draw a legion of supporters and evangelists, be continually spearhead breakthroughs in the comic […]

Michael Jackson dies…and Bluewater is there

Via PR, the start of what you know is going to be a new comics cottage industry. To millions he was the King of Pop; one of the world’s most cherished entertainers and a celebrated international icon. With his untimely passing, Michael Jackson left an extraordinary and tragic legacy. Bluewater Productions is paying tribute in […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 6/29/09

§ Frank Santoro digs deeper into the history of comics coloring with an investigation of Pacific Comics and the grayline coloring system. BTW, if you’ve read comics prior to the advent of cheap scanners, they have some pretty strange and sometimes amazing coloring. This piece will give you some idea of the tortuous and inaccurate […]