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Ted Raimi’s reverse view

Via actor Ted Raimi’s Twitter feed, another Green Pants moment:

@ Wizard Word convention in Philly. Thousands of fans here.12:01 PM Jun 19th from Tweetie

Completely lost at con. Cannot find the green room. I’m screwed.12:03

Waiting to be met by con employee. Hiding behind pillar. One fan asked if I was hiding from him. Said I didn’t know him.12:10

Convention is fantastic. One trillion comic books here. http://bit.ly/PlJJg http://yfrog.com/0v12nlj 12:28 PM

At Hand Drawn Noodle House. What is a “shaved noodle”? http://yfrog.com/10v9xkj 7:21 PM

Didn’t eat here http://yfrog.com/5hr9thj 8:07 PM

Took tons of questions with my friend Michael Papajohn from fans at con. He’s hysterical. http://yfrog.com/5fs5bej 7:21 PM

All day posed for fans. Made fans pose for me! Ha! Taste O’ the ole’ medicine. http://yfrog.com/3oz6hj 7:23 PM

Exhausted. Hiding in hotel room from fans. Secretly? Saw an enormous room full of D&D players today.Looked really cool. Want to play now. 7:31 PM

Had a drink with Wizardcon extrordiaire Spat. Did a gag photo with him for Wizard mag. How can you not like a guy like that? 8:41 PM

Home to LA. Philly industy looks like interplanetary colonization units. http://bit.ly/ifdZH http://yfrog.com/07g19vj 6:07 AM

Remembering Michael Jackson

R7C10R4P Large
As several folks have pointed out, MJ was a real comics fan. During the height of his fame in the ’80s and ’90s he would occasionally shop at his favorite comics shop — it would have to be shut down so he could shop in peace. A more recent trip with his children resulted in tabloid images, like much of his later years. He was certainly no stranger to the comics section.

Laura Hudson and Tom Spurgeon have more round-ups of Jacko and the Comics inks. John Jackson Miller looks at the comics connections of MJ, Farrah and Ed McMahon. And here’s a tribute by James Kochalka.

Rick Marshall remembers Jackson’s attempt to buy Marvel Comics, one of those weird moment of ’90s Marvel history that Jim Salicrup should write a book about some day.

The above issue of Disney Adventures was, at the time, only the second magazine cover that Jackson had done a shoot for since he become the King of Pop. (The other was Vanity Fair.) It was his idea to pose with Pinocchio, an idea that’s pretty creepy in retrospect. But let’s try to look on the best side. In the end, the man lived a sad, sick life, but it’s the music that will live on forever and ever. Cliched but so true.