Shamus buys Toronto Comicon

Confirming a rumor that was going around this morning, a press release has confirmed that Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus has purchased the Toronto Comicon. Also known as the Paradise Comicon, the show is run by Peter Dixon of Paradise Comics, who will stay on, and while it has maintained an excellent reputation among guests (we […]

Do Oscar changes help or hurt nerd movies?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today that there will now be TEN Best Picture nominees instead of only five. Certainly done for marketing reasons (more pictures with Oscar nominations, don’t you know?), the question to ask in these here parts is: How does this effect both “genre movies” and animated features? […]

May we recommend: Magic Trixie

While Marvel and DC are apparently shipping enough comics to choke a rhino today, may we recommend the quality cartooning of Jill Thompson and the final book in the Magic Trixie trilogy? If there is a finer comic for sale this day, we’d be very, very, very surprised.

The Philadelphia Experiment

So why go to Wizard World Philadelphia, anyway? This year we went because in years past we’d had a great time there, and we had a few friends to see. Plus, from NYC, it’s a very cheap day trip. Our plan was also to see how the other half lived. The way things play out, […]

Heroes Con 2009 in the rearview mirror

Tom Spurgeon is still putting together a collective memory, but catches up with main man Dustin Harbin for a wrap-up: HARBIN: I think last year we estimated our numbers at between 10,000 and 12,000 through the weekend. We don’t have the complete numbers back yet, and even then they’re never complete — there are the […]

Van Jensen on digital distribution

OKAY, one more…seems to be the topic of the day! Comics creator/journalist/digital guy Van Jensen has his own thoughts on Longbox. Jensen helped set up Top Shelf’s Kindle initiative so he knows the territory: I’ve become quite involved with the digital distribution of comics in the past year, helping Top Shelf launch some of its […]

Comics Events Today, June 24

Many events today, tomorrow, forever Wednesday, June 24 NEW YORK: It’s the Music and Pictures Show, starring: Pretendo The Walking Hellos Gold Streets with Carousel: Gabrielle Bell (Cecil and Jordan) Michael Kupperman (Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim) R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics) June 24, 8 pm $8 Union Pool, 484 Union Ave (Metropolitan and Meeker), Brooklyn, NY […]

Daryl Cagle’s Reuben Weekend photos

Over at Hogan’s Alley!, Daryl Cagle posts his photos from the Memorial Day mingling of the comic strip tribes known as Reuben Awards Weekend. Above, Bill (“FoxTrot”) Amend, left; Greg (“Luann”) Evans, center; and eventual Reuben winner Dave (“Speed Bump”) Coverly.

It had to happen: Lucasfilms panel broadcast live from San Diego

Nerd-culture cable channel G4 and Lucasfilms are teaming for the inevitable: a live showing of the Lucasfilms panel from San Diego. In addition, G4 will broadcast live from the show floor on Saturday, July 25th for three hours, starting at 4 pm ET/PT. According to PR, It’s the the first-ever, exclusive television broadcast of a […]

Looking at Longbox

Ron Richards at iFanboy takes the most in-depth look yet at Longbox, new software that could become the iTunes for comics. Richards is enthusiastic overall but also points out potential pitfalls, such as getting content from the Big Four publishers. And of course, there is the brick and mortar element: Now the emergence of a […]

RIP: Jaime Diaz

While running around the Internet, we happened upon the news of the death of animator/cartoonist Jaime Diaz. The Argentininan born Diaz had a lengthy career in animation, working with Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon on everything from Dexter’s Lab to Fairly Odd Parents and everything in between. During a decade-plus stint back in […]


IGN has a few pages of a BATMAN AND ROBIN #2 preview by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. It’s hard to overstate how brilliant Quitely’s storytelling and characterization are on even this single page. Panel 1 — the “death from above” shot, perfectly executed, but the angle emphasizing Batman and Robin’s viewpoint — they’re not […]

Uclick launches Eisner Award iPhone app

This iPhone thing is really catching on. Today’s press release involves a free app for checking out the Eisner Award nominees. We totally just downloaded this app and it features excerpts from all the nominees…some of the art could be a little bigger but it’s a decent enough primer to learn about things you might […]

David OReilly’s Please Say Something

Please Say Something – Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo. Three years ago we were going on and on about how much we loved this tiny bit of animation by someone named David OReilly, and now he’s won the Short Film prize at the Berlinale for the above film, called “Please Say Something.” It’s […]