Spiegelman in the Washington Post

Art Spiegelman has a comic in the Washington Post about the St. Louis, a 1939 ship filled with Jewish refugees from Europe that was denied asylum in the US and sent back. Spiegelman focuses on some of the media-related aspects of the shameful story, with his usual bite.

News from all over

With both Heroes Con and Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend, it was a very busy week for news, so here’s a quick tour, as best as we can make out. § Top Shelf is among the first publishers to announce a comics program for Kindle: Top Shelf announced this weekend at HeroesCon that Andy Runton’s […]

Penthouse guide to con hookups

Shari Goldhagen at Penthouse looks at the idea of meeting members of the opposite (or same, we suppose) sex at conventions . The article is very tongue in cheek while reinforcing some of the very worst ideas about nerd culture. Sci-fi conventions such as San Diego’s Comic-Con are under-the-radar hook-up havens. No, really. So I […]

Random linkage

§ Shaenon K. Garrity looks at the sad status of the comic book message boards and the result is savagely insightful from top to bottom: Once, Kyle Baker went on the DC message boards to promote his then-new run on Plastic Man. He was chased away under a hail of abuse and slurs in under […]

The night everyone watched GHOSTBUSTERS

If our Twitter feed is to be believed, we follow a very high percentage of people who are interested in a) watching GHOSTBUSTERS or b) purchasing the new GHOSTBUSTERS on Blu-ray or c) purchasing the new GHOSTBUSTERS video game. Perhaps this brain trust could help us answer why GHOSTBUSTERS was so great and GHOSTBUSTERS 2 […]