Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 06/16/09

§ Jason Little has wrapped up his MOTEL ART IMPROVEMENT SERVICE webcomic. Congrats! § The rags are full of previews of Comic-Con, none of which have anything to do with comics. Oh well. § The new Vertigo: Graphic Content blog previews LUNA PARK, a new graphic novel by Kevin Baker and Daniel Zezelj. LUNA PARK, […]

Del Rey releases TALISMAN cover

Del Rey has announced that Massimo Carnevale will be the cover artist of THE TALISMAN, their adaptation of the Stephen King/Peter Straub novel. A #0 issue will be released at San Diego. The epic saga of The Talisman debuts with Issue 0, a never-before-told prequel to the story, to be published by Del Rey Comics […]

“Comic Sales Crash in May”

OUCH. After staying ahead of the pace in the floundering retail economy, the comics “fantasy economy” crashed hard in May, ICv2 reports. It isn’t pretty. After rebounding in April, comic sales dropped a staggering 19% in May versus May 2008, while graphic novel sales declined by 13%, leading to an overall drop-off for the month […]

Status report: Jemas and McFarlane

Since leaving his job as Publisher of Marvel Comics, Bill Jemas has been taking on many unusual projects besides 360ie, his IP branding company. For instance, he’s been translating the Bible. And he’s also been trying to bring peace to the world and promote green causes via Peacepaint, a clothing company featuring eco-friendly designs. “Peace […]

Brandon Graham on DREADSTAR

And many other comics, also with new Graham art. I really like the early Dreadstar comics. I feel like this is seeing a dude at rock bottm.Years later in therapy Dreadstar will be talking about his low point of boning a magic blade.And after that he ended up being such a bad father that the […]