Captain America’s big news today! UPDATE

So if you’ve been following along with the CAP #600/REBORN #1 news, you know that CAPTAIN AMERICA #600 goes on sale TODAY, not Wednesday, because Marvel has been planning a big news release that, hopefully, will turn into major media coverage and people flooding into stores to see what it’s all about. So what’s the […]

Cup O’ Joe moves to CBR

Continuing the ever-growing exodus from MySpace, the popular Cup O’Joe feature — in which Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada answers a wide range of questions — has moved from that sputtering social networking site over to CBR, with Jonah Weiland and Kiel Phegley taking over the questioning duties from Jim McLauchlin. Early topics include […]

Wednesday Comics to appear in USA TODAY

One of the most intriguing news stories of the last few months has been DC’s upcoming WEDNESDAY COMICS, a newspaper-sized weekly comic featuring a wide range of top talent under the watchful eye of editor Mark Chiarello. The idea of a newspaper-sized comic sounded incredibly cool — so cool that one had to wonder, couldn’t […]

News notes

A few oddments of news we’ve had floating around our inbox for the last few days: § Tucker Stone’s MoCCA coverage dropped the bomb that the upcoming SIMPSON’S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR #15 will contain stories by the cream of the latest art comix crop, including John Kerschbaum, Kevin Huizenga, Jordan Crane, Jeffrey Brown, C.F. and […]

Tiny linkage

Just like the guy in the horror movie who does not heed the dire warnings of the gnarly old groundskeeper, Brian Heater did not listen to us, and went to this weekend’s Big Apple Con 2009 and paid the price: The registration woman’s second obligatory question was the more bizarre—and perhaps revealing—of the two. “If […]

Meet John Carter and Dejah Thoris

THR is reporting that Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins, both recently seen in WOLVERINE, have been cast in Andrew Stanton’s upcoming JOHN CARTER OF MARS. The role of the Virginian gentleman was hotly contested, the trade reports: The role of Carter was considered one of the “gets” for a young actor, and Disney has spent […]

Outtage, innage

Sorry, updates have been nonexistent of late…two shows back to back and three weeks without a day off took its toll. And then, right on schedule, the cable went out! Luckily it did not interfere with our enjoyment of TCM’s Director’s Spotlight month, including SUNSET BLVD., and yesterday’s heaping helping of Howard Hawks.