Indies, Charts, Diamond

John Jackson Miller, author and master number collater, alerts us to the fact that  Diamond’s May 2009 comics sales charts have been released, and contain a new “Top 50 Small Press” chart. The new element this time out is that Diamond, which began releasing a Top 50 Independents list at the end of last year, […]

Breaking: Ron Smith found not guilty

UPDATE: Here’s the news story confirmation: A COMIC book artist has been cleared of raping and sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. Ronald Smith, of Grange Close in Godalming, had been accused of attacking the youngster, who is now 39, for three years during the 1980s. Mr Smith maintained his innocence throughout a five-day trial at […]

Non-MoCCA links

§ Vince Moore at Comics Waiting Room asked: Why are there no great black supervillains? Where are all the “cool” black supervillains? Where is the black Lex Luthor? Or the black Dr. Doom? Where are those black bad guys that comics readers can love to hate? Those black bad guys made from the same stuff […]

Two from Jeff Lemire

The new Vertigo blog, Graphic Content, previews SWEET TOOTH, the new ongoing series by Jeff Lemire. Well, it’s a wonderful post apocalyptic story that follows Gus, from the sanctuary of the home he’s known since birth, on an adventure to find “The Preserve” a fabled safe-haven for hybrid children. Along the way, Gus not only […]

SIMON’S CAT coming to print

And on the 8th day, God said, “Cats shall take over the Internetz,” for surely thr kittiez and the Interweb goeth hand in hand. To wit, the SIMON’S CAT cartoons on YouTube, whose viewership ranks in the millions range. Creator Simon Tofield, a London-based animator has truly captured the titanic destructive force that only a […]

MoCCA: The Final Countdown

We know that MoCCA”s statute of limitations has run out and no one wants to talk about it any more, but we’ve collected a few last links of note — let’s just call it Rashomocca — it seems everyone had something to say. For a little perspective, we’ve dredged up MoCCA 2002 — “BIG APPLE […]