Correction: GØDLAND still going strong

OOPS. We mistakenly had the dumb idea that GØDLAND, the quirky comic by Joe Casey and Tom Scioli is NOT coming out any more — #30 is in next month’s solicitations, and Casey was kind enough to provide the cover for us. The series is going to wrap up in a year or so, but […]

News briefs

§ Eroto-manga-ka SABE has passed away at age 41. Warning, the link is VERY, VERY NSFW…in fact it may even be something that you could go to jail for. § In Wizard news, long-time art director Arlene So and Darren Sanchez, VP of Production and Circulation, are new layoffs. So was an institution and former […]

Check out: Tom Scioli’s THE MYTH OF 8-OPUS

Fresh off While continuing his run on the ever-cosmic GØDLAND, Tom Scioli is back to his own graphic novel, And yes, it looks familiar. But that is the fun of it. On August 27, A-Okay Comics celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Thomas Scioli’s Xeric-Winning sci-fi fantasy comic series, The Myth of 8-Opus by releasing the […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 6/9/09

§ Robot 6 asks Yow! What have they done to Little Lulu? Apparently, in Brazil, they’ve made her and her gang manga-style skaters, videogamers and fashionistas. In all honesty, this doesn’t bother us much…The original Lulus are still there, sitting right on my shelf, so nothing has been hurt in the making of this comic. […]