Hype: The Helper Monkey discusses Lost

If you have been missing Lost this last couple weeks, well, no new episodes, but this might tide you over for a day or so. The Helper Monkey was on wrestling historian Karl Stern’s podcast today to discuss the season finale, the show as a whole, the greatness of John Locke and Benjamin Linus, the […]

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel announces STRANGE TALES MAX for September

Spider-Man by Jason. The lost Peter Bagge Incorrigible Hulk story. Iron Man by Tony Millionaire. Are such ideas just the fevered dreams of an overactive imagination as we go into MoCCA…or reality? Happily, it’s REAL, as Marvel has finally announced their “indie” anthology featuring the best cartoonists of the day working on Marvel’s icons. The […]

MoCCA Party Poop: Sat-Sun

Get ready to rock and roll…it’s going to be a jam packed schedule. SATURDAY Kick off the day with A ComiXology tweet-up: Pre-#mocca tweet-up! Join comiXology partners and columnists at 9:30am Sat morning. Location: Big Daddy’s on Park: http://bit.ly/182PeE And later on… Sounds and Pauses: The Comics of David Mazzucchelli Opening Reception 7-9pm at MoCCA […]

MoCCA Debuts: Publishers, consortiums, etc

MoCCA debuts .. this is gonna take a long time so get a frosty one. TOP SHELF will be debuting: — Kevin Cannon’s FAR ARDEN — Bwana Spoons’ WELCOME TO FOREST ISLAND — Niklas Asker’s SECOND THOUGHTS and also featuring: — Nate Powell (SWALLOW ME WHOLE) — Alex Robinson (TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN), & […]

MoCCA Debuts: Cartoonists

Yow! We had so many debuts we had to split them up into two posts. In this one, we look at individuals and their debuting comics, books and minis. Thanks to everyone who wrote in! Box Brown has two debuts and three books: 1) Xeric funded book Book “Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing” […]

Cute newly announced couple alert

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A few words on PR dos and don’ts

Whew, there were more emails about new books for MOCCA than ever before — more both in number and in the detail of the submissions. This is attributable to the fact that people really need PR now, and they are getting hepper to the ways to do it. It took a looong time to put […]