And the bar is HOW high this time?

It started when James Sturm from CCS, presented a slideshow on children’s book illustrator Virginia Lee Burton on the feminist blog DoubleXX. Sturm proposed that Burton might be a lost link in the early history of the graphic novel and pointed out that the crossover between illustration and comics has always been a fluid one: […]

BEA: An alternate take

D&Q’s Peggy Burns posts a different view of BEA while explaining why they DIDN’T attend. The money spent on a booth could be better spent elsewhere (like on an ad in this week’s Fiction issue of The New Yorker.) Burns also seems to be firmly in the “moving towards a consumer show” camp: A few […]

UK comic-con scam?

Speaking of comic-cons, apparently someone in the UK is going around claiming they have one with Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, and Alan Moore as guests. The claims don’t hold up to much scrutiny, as the Forbidden Planet blog reports: Strangely for an event with such a guest list I’m struggling to find a website for […]

Wizard news update

Spurge reports rumors that a few more folks have left Wizard. Vice-President of Production and Circulation Darren Sanchez left against his will, while photographer Dylan Brucie quit. Meanwhile, over at Blog@, Lucas Siegel rounds up a heaping helping of complaints over the Wizard Store’s customer service. If you visit Wizard’s Storefront Feedback at, it […]

To Do: Tuesday, June 2 – Sunday, June 7

MoCCA, Jason, Seth, Adrien Tomine, David Mazzucchelli, Nicolas Mahler, old-time comic strip songs, plus the usual more, more more! It’s another week full of wonderful comic events… Tuesday, June 2 Los Angeles, CA, 7 PM – Guillermo del Toro at Borders Westwood Has Guillermo Del Toro ever scripted a comic book? At any rate, the […]

Earth 2100 includes graphic novels!

Will there be graphic novels in 2100? Well, the year, we don’t know…the special which airs on ABC tonight…definitely! According to an email from Joe Infurnari: Tonight at 9pm EST, ABC will air a two-hour news special titled, Earth 2100. What’s exciting about it is that it uses animated ‘graphic novel elements’ to put a […]

CNI 200th episode podcast/Final PLANETARY in October

Our pals over at Comic News Insider have just posted their 200th episode gala which features an interview with Michael “Ben Linus” Emerson, including him reading famous movie lines as the Lost linchpin. Artist John Cassaday also guests, and he announced that PLANETARY #27 will be out in October. Ya hear that? According to various […]

Many links

§ Geoff Johns adds comics shop owner to his portfolio with Earth-2 Comics Northridge. “When Earth-2 Comics first opened their doors and I stepped in, I knew this store was something special,” said Johns. “Since then, I’ve been amazed by what Carr and Jud have built. I’ve wanted to get into the retailing side of […]