Viz launches new online magaizne

Hm, what were we just saying about the print/online shift? Even as they cancelled SHOJO BEAT, Viz has announced the launch of a new online seinen (young men’s) manga anthology, Ikki, which you can read right here. Kai-Ming Cha gets the scoop.: In the wake of the cancellation of its print Shojo Beat manga fan […]

Learn about comics Part I — Peter Sanderson at NYU

Peter Sanderson, a comics historian of erudite and informed lineage, writes to tell us he’s teaching a course about graphic novels and movies at NYU this summer: I will be teaching “The Graphic Novel and Cinema,” a course that compares movies to the comics in which they are based–including works by Eisner, Lee and Kirby, […]

2009 Russ Manning Award nominees announced

Via PR, the nominees for this year’s Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award, to be presented at this year’s Eisner Awards ceremony: The 2009 nominees are: Gregory Baldwin, writer/artist of Path (published by com.x Ltd) Eleanor Davis, writer/artist of Stinky (published by RAW Junior/Toon Books) Leigh Kellogg, artist of Wayfarer’s Moon (Single Edge Studios) Lukas Ketner, […]

John K.: Good Compositions Take Self Control

Speaking of N.C. Wyeth, John K., whose blog we don’t link to nearly often enough, compares the illustration great to Yogi Bear in order to demonstrate good composition, and you know what? He’s right! And to prove how right is he, here’s an unrelated, supporting example, by Jock, via Standard Attrition.

The game changer

Was talking to a good friend the other day, one I had worked with back in my magazine publishing days. (I worked at various publications, trade and consumer, for several years, including a long stint at Disney Adventures.) He reported that he and just about everyone I had worked with on staff have been laid […]

April comics are the comeback kid!

The pamphlet is back! Whoo hoo! Buckle down, Winsocki! ICv2 reports that comics sales were up in April , for the first time this year: Comic sales rebounded in April from a lousy March (see “No Comic over 100k in March”), with sales at both the top and bottom of the Top 300 list improving […]

SHOJO BEAT cancellation reax

Predictably, the demise of SHOJO BEAT, Viz’s girl-focused magazine of serialized manga, is being discussed far and wide: Alexander Hoffman: The strange thing is though, that manga as a whole, is a comic sold to women (at least in your major book retailers). Shojo Beat is the heart of the girl’s comics movement, a collection […]

Publishing news: FBI kids comics, death, cancellation

In news that must have many people standing around looking blank and confused, Fantagraphics has announced plans to publish a series of GNs that tie in with a new animated kids series. Yes, a licensing deal for FBI! Seattle-based indie comics publisher Fantagraphics Books and animation developer Lincoln Butterfield have agreed to collaborate on the […]