Art Alert: Farel Dalrymple's Merv Pumpkinhead

The OMEGA/POP GUN WAR artist posts a commission. Merv Pumpkinhead is, of course, from SANDMAN, but he’s also a nod to Jack Pumpkinhead, the character drawn by John R. Neill for the Oz books.

Art Alert: Colleen Coover's Clue

Colleen Coover reimagines the popular board game. Did she do it with a wrench in the conservatory? That’s how we like to do it.

Future sailors like comic

Speaking of sailors, our attention has been drawn to BRAVO ZULU, part of the “Fulfill Your Destiny” campaign to increase minority enrollment in the US Naval Academy. Created by writer and director Deborah Franco, the campaign has included ad spots, but will now expand into a graphic novel, above. According to a spokesperson for Franco, […]

Celebrate the Season: Fleet Week Salute!

As everyone gets ready for the long weekend, as always, New York City is abuzz with the excitement of FLEET WEEK! We’re probably going to check out a few ships, and maybe a few sailors, too. Because everyone loves sailors. Click on more for our Memorial Day 2009 Sailor Salute!