April comics are the comeback kid!

The pamphlet is back! Whoo hoo! Buckle down, Winsocki! ICv2 reports that comics sales were up in April , for the first time this year: Comic sales rebounded in April from a lousy March (see “No Comic over 100k in March”), with sales at both the top and bottom of the Top 300 list improving […]

SHOJO BEAT cancellation reax

Predictably, the demise of SHOJO BEAT, Viz’s girl-focused magazine of serialized manga, is being discussed far and wide: Alexander Hoffman: The strange thing is though, that manga as a whole, is a comic sold to women (at least in your major book retailers). Shojo Beat is the heart of the girl’s comics movement, a collection […]

Publishing news: FBI kids comics, death, cancellation

In news that must have many people standing around looking blank and confused, Fantagraphics has announced plans to publish a series of GNs that tie in with a new animated kids series. Yes, a licensing deal for FBI! Seattle-based indie comics publisher Fantagraphics Books and animation developer Lincoln Butterfield have agreed to collaborate on the […]

Showbiz roundup

§ While some are doubtless rejoicing over HUMAN TARGET getting the pick up from FOX, another comics-related pilot didn’t make it all the way, as io9 reports that No Heroics wasn’t picked up. Originally a satirical Britcom created by Drew Pearce, the show featured third-string superheroes with problems and the bar they frequented. Pearce has […]

These times we live in

Heard via AIM: Agent Wolfenstein: But even so, [redacted] is still short-sighted and fixated on a model that’s not going to work for much longer. The Beat: Yes. But isn’t EVERYONE? Is there ANYONE who is smart yet? Agent Wolfenstein: Define “smart.” The Beat: Someone who has solved step 2 of the Underpants Gnome Equation. […]

The week in politics

§ Bluewater is mining the current popularity of political topics for all it’s worth, and will soon tell the inspiring story of the White House Dog Bo, from his early days as a puppy organizer to his run for the dog house. § § And thus, an entire year’s worth of Marvel crossovers were strangled […]

A CHECKROOM ROMANCE by Ben Katchor and Mark Mulcahy

One of the events we were most sorry to miss while away was the workshop premiere of A CHECKROOM ROMANCE by cartoonist/storyteller Ben Katchor and musician Mark Mulcahy. The duo have collaborated on two previous theatrical pieces, which have won rave reviews. Well, we couldn’t do, but luckily, Brian Heaterfilled in with a post at […]

Grant Morrison…the movie?

Poking around the other day, we found this demo trailer for a docuomentary-in-progress about Mr. Mystic himself, Grant Morrison. It a production of Sequart, which plans to publish several critical studies of superhero-ish comics material, including Mutant Cinema: The X-Men Trilogy from Comics to Screen, Teenagers from the Future: Essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes […]

Call for entries: BEA and MoCCA

Hey kids, next week is BookExpo America, the big book show of the year. As we’ve been reporting, there will be a diminished presence by many former floor-hogs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still going to be a busy, newsworthy show, and there will be much graphic-novel related activity. If you have some activity […]