MeCAF report

As planned, we stopped in at the Maine Comics Art Festival in Portland yesterday. Now, before going any further, we should point out that we’re boosters for the show — anything that furthers the cause of comics in Maine is something we’re for! That said, we were really, really curious about how this show would […]

Thor casts his hammer…and his lead

Chris Hemsworth, a comely 25-year-old Aussie who played Kirk’s dad in the the Star Trek reboot, has been cast as Thor. Nikki Finke has ALL the details, and if he wasn’t quite discovered sipping soda at Schwab’s, it’s still a little bit of a fairy tale. Chris had read for the part of Thor but […]

Coming home

We’re in transit today, so totally normal service will resume tomorrow. In the meantime, check out our vacation photos!