Sunday: Maine Comics Arts Festival

While we’re still on semi-vacation, we will be attending the Maine Comics Arts Festival in Portland, ME this Sunday. New England’s comics heritage includes the birth of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now the Center for Cartoon Studies, so it’s nice to see a local indie show to reflect some of that. The one […]

Coming Soon: Bryan Talbot's GRANDVILLE

As reported in Dark Horse’s solicitations for August, Bryan Talbot has a new book, GRANDVILLE, coming out, and it looks to be as unique as his previous works, if not quite the in-your-face mind bender of ALICE IN SUNDERLAND. It’s best described as a steampunk alternate history mystery with anthropomorphic characters, in the Euro tradition. […]

Toy/internet people sought

Beat Pal Frank Patz at The Eternal Collector is looking for some people to help him upgrade his site: Are you interested in the Toy Industry? I have one of the most visited Toy Collecting websites on the Internet. I am looking for someone to help me with the Web design of the site. I […]

Oh Edgar Wright….

We interrupt our internet vacation to say: Diz-amn. If you know what this is, you know how cool it is, but if you don’t, Laura Hudson will explain. Technorati Tags: Scott Pilgrim

Speaking of cryptozoology…

We had a chance the other day to do something not particularly comics related and attend the press preview of the new Extreme Mammals exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Being as fascinated by the wonderful world of weird mammals as the average geek, this was a great pleasure — the show includes […]