Eagle Awards and more British comics stuff

Frankly, we haven’t been in the loop on British comics gossip, so we have no idea why this year’s Bristol Comic Expo has been radically scaled down, and won’t include previous popular attractions like the Eagle Awards and the Hypotheticals panel, but the show is going on this weekend and we’re sure that the beer […]

Comics stuff from all over

It seems that comics stuff — illustrations and reviews and previews — are EVERYwhere now. The usual places and the UNusual places. For instance, we don’t remember Time Out New York running comics previews before, but here’s a nice preview of R. Sikoryak’s Masterpiece Comics, forthcoming from D&Q. (One such comic above.) The piece excerpted […]

Internet, your days are numbered

Free content on the web, it’s time to stock up on food and ammo, and shore up the compound, because big media is coming to get you. According to Rupert Murdoch, the solution to the current problem with everything, is to start charging: Rupert ­Murdoch expects to start charging for access to News Corporation’s newspaper […]

This 'n' That

§ We knew Ray Fawkes was a writer, but we didn’t know he was an artist, too…as he shows with “Black Strings”, a comic up at the Tor.com site. § According to Nikki Finke, the Human Target TV show is a go for Fox next year: HUMAN TARGET (Warner Bros/DC Comics/Wonderland) is a lock after […]

The one place where blue eyeshadow is REQUIRED

Via our in-box, it has come to our attention that the cosmetics company Too Faced is selling a line of Smurfette makeup. And yes, it includes blue eyeliner and blue eye shadow and So Smurfy Illuminating Face Powder, which sounds like it might be appropriate for a particularly lurid night out, or Halloween or both. […]