TCAF kicks off in style

The Toronto Comics Art Festival kicks off tonight, and it looks to be perhaps the most kick-assing-est comics event of the year. Held every other year, TCAF has gone from an exciting indie comics show held in a parking lot to a city-wide cultural extravaganza of the kind that North America needs lot more of. […]

Tonght: Kitty Pryde Art Show

Tonight, in PDX! LISTING INFORMATION: WHO: Over 70 artists including: Bryan Lee O’Malley, Farel Dalrymple, Nathan Fox, Vasilis Lolos, Jeffrey Brown, Tom Neely, Brandon Graham, Corey Lewis, Zack Soto and more! WHAT: Kitty Pryde tribute show, fundraiser for Oregon Hemphilia Treatment Center WHEN: Thursday, May 7th, 6–10pm WHERE: Floating World Comics, 20 NW 5th Ave […]

New business model: PictureBox advance orders

Via email and up at the PictureBox website, publisher Dan Nadel is offering a bunch of exclusives and bonuses for those who preorder two upcoming releases, C.F.’s Powr Mastrs #3 and Brian Chippendale’s In ‘n’ Oof. The Beat We have two amazing graphic novels scheduled for November 2009 and February 2010. They are fantastic, vital […]

New business model: Jeff Katz and American Original

Jeff Katz, sometime comics writer (BOOSTER GOLD) and movie producer (WOLVERINE, SHOOT ‘EM UP) has finally announced his new comics venture, which has been teased since he left Fox last fall. It’s called American Original, and he describes it as a “nerd machine.” American Original will produce movies, TV shows, Web projects and graphic novels. […]